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Wow! Our Team Was Not Expected to Win That Sports Game, But We Did!



Wow! There aren’t many words to describe the feeling in our town right now. You already know the story, our team wasn’t projected to win that sports game, but somehow the team made it happen!

“I watched all the minutes, up until the very end to make sure that it was all real, and boy oh boy was I excited to see that we pulled out the win!” commented senior, Andrew Minz, on his excitement about the game.

Everyone, from fans like Andrew to the coach were excited about the victory.

“This was a big game for us, and we’re glad we ended up winning when so many people were betting against us,” commented Coach. “We really love our most loyal fans and our community in times like this.”

The matchup was a mighty one and the competition really put up a fight.

“Boy what a game!” said current junior, and loyal sports fan, Kelly Rodriguez. “I’ve been a fan my whole life, and this is one of those moments that make the hard times worth it.”

It’s not every day we see a game turn out this way, which makes us really cherish these tough wins.

“My favorite part was when the ball somehow did that thing to get us those points that helped us win the game. That was frickin’ crazy,” continued Kelly.

Whichever side you started on, it’s tough to stay on the side that isn’t this one right now. We look forward to many more games like this, soon!


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