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5 Offensively Ugly Buildings on JMU’s Campus

It’s no secret that JMU is gorgeous. However, not all things are perfect, and neither is our campus. Good lord, are there a few eyesores lurking among the gems like Forbes and the Biosciences Building. Maybe, if we were, to like, you know, allocate some of that athletics money to maybe replacing them, we might actually have a picture-perfect campus. Just kidding fam, go sports!


5.) All of Lakeside:


Unfortunately, even with the the future renovations to Showker and the subsequent razing of Chandler, Lakeside buildings will still have that awful brick and rectangle design to it. Those windows in Showker 2.0, in the original part of the building are an absolute travesty. Let’s just say this isn’t a real selling point the student ambassadors are lobbying potential students.


4.) Wine-Price Building:

Not only is this building severely outdated, it’s kind of creepy… Like, it’s lurched up behind Hillside at that weird sideways angle, and just sort of chills there. Again, it has this brick exterior that, much like Lakeside, is severely outdated and rough on the eyes. Seriously, does anyone even know what goes in here?

3.) Madison Union:

Your guess is as good as ours as to why they decided to build Madison Union the way that they did. It doesn’t fit in with any of the other architecture around it, and it has way too much going on at one time. There’s that bizarre flag ensemble leading to the mail room and the HORRIFIC protruding roof. The porch is neat though, and Auntie Anne’s is in TDU, which may or may not be its own thing?


2.) Godwin:

Ah, good ole Godwin. One of the first sights fans of JMU football are greeted with on the walk to Bridgeforth. Never have the words “Isn’t Godwin such a gorgeous building” entered anyone’s ear drums. One is more likely to hear President Alger rap Drake’s verse in “I’m Goin In” in the basement of Gingerbread, than to hear anyone raving about Godwin’s aesthetic beauty.


1.) The Convo:

Oh god. This is unequivocally the worse Division I basketball arena in the state, and maybe even the country. This very well may be the ugliest buildings on campus for a multitude of reasons…

You know the old saying “it’s not what’s on the outside, but what’s on the inside that matters?” Well, JMU found a way to fuck that up.

Whoever thought this atrocity was good for fans, players, and recruits was either inebriated or blind — probably both. The court, the bleachers, and that pitiful scoreboard all add to the offensively unsightly creation. Oh, yeah, the exterior is literally some weird bunker thing, with a giant shipping container on top of it… Thank the lord Super Convo is set to be built in 2020.


JMU is damn near perfect, and the architecture that comes with it is close too it as well. Even with the different styles of Bluestone on Main Campus, and the more modern feel on East Campus the majority of buildings are beautiful. But, a lot like who you lost your virginity to, not every decision that is made is a good one. These buildings prove that.

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