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5 Things That Have Happened Since JMU Has Lost a Football Game

Remember the last time JMU lost a football game? Think a little bit… it was September 17th, 2016. It’s been 387 days and counting since our Dukes have taken a L on the football field. Let’s take a tour down memory lane and see what was happened in this time span.


5.) Donny Boy Gets Elected:

Everyone remembers the somberness on the Quad following the election last year. Professors were cancelling class for “snowflakes” to grieve and there were even some rumors that some political science and history professors began to sob in lecture. JMU beat Villanova by 17 to win the CAA Title that weekend.


4.) JMU Hunts Killer Clowns:

This was a wild time. The rumor of a clown on campus sent the university and the freshmen living on campus into a frenzy. Clowns were all the rage last October, and on October 3rd it met its fever pitch on our campus with the “JMU Clown Patrol.” JMU would go on to beat William and Mary that weekend.

3.) La La Land Err… Sorry, Moonlight Wins Best Picture at the Oscars:

Did anyone here actually watch either of these movies? Absolutely not. We’re pretty sure neither one of them even made it to Grafton-Stovall. The ending of the 2017 Oscars was one of the most bizarre moments in award show history. Like, one second dude on stage is at the pinnacle of the American film industry, the next he’s announcing the actual winner. Yikes. The Dukes have already won the National Championship by then, so at least someone won.


2.) The Cubs Win the World Series:

After a 116-year hiatus the Chicago Cubs finally end the the longest sporting drought in American sports history. The Dukes would go on to beat our preppy, entitled rivals in Richmond that weekend. Hey, if the Cubbies can win a World Series, who’s to say we can’t win a Natty in basketball? Right, there is literally no chance. Sorry. Pragmatist here.


1.) Tom Petty, George Michael, Carrie Fisher, The Queen of England…:

Okay, kidding about good ole Queen Elizabeth. You were about to Google it though, weren’t you? But good lord did we lose a ton of people since JMU has lost a football game. John Glenn, Hugh Hefner, Jerry Lewis, and so many more. Who knows how many more may croak in between now and when JMU loses again.


There are two tough games remaining, oh yeah, not going to lie, it would be kind of awkward if they were to lose this weekend. This article probably jinxed the win streak, sorry. But not really.

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