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5 Things You Might See at JMU in 20 Years

Death, taxes, and JMU building something; the three guarantees in life. Yes, if seems like JMU can never get of enough of building stuff. Whenever one project is done, they immediately begin plans for another. It’s almost like a fetish or something. However, do you wonder what they will build next, or what JMU will look like in the future? Well, here are five things that JMU might have in the next 20 years.


5.) More Majors:

Let’s be real, if JMU wants to compete with bigger universities, they’ll have to expand their major offerings. How is JMU supposed to compete with Virginia Tech for prospective students when JMU doesn’t even offer sought-after majors like dairy science. Don’t be surprised if JMU expands its listing of offered majors.


4.) 40,000 Seat Bridgeforth Stadium:

We all know that this is going to happen, and what a sight it will be. Picture it: A stadium of over 40,000 JMU fans. Imagine the noise and the excitement as the Dukes of JMU win on their final drive. The fans cheering, the band playing, the players celebrating. Indeed, it will be quite the scene. Just a shame that JMU will have to defund the art program to make it happen.

3.) New Village:

Good news everybody, the future village will have air conditioning! Yes, future Dukes will have the luxury of not having to freeze during the winter and not sweating their balls off during the spring. In addition, this will also provide future opportunities for current Dukes to bitch about how easy the future Dukes have it.


2.) Updated Memorial Hall:

While there are no current plans in the works for memorial, expecting JMU to not do anything with an aging building that lacks modern amenities is like expecting the Harrisonburg city council to work alongside students. One can only speculate what the new Memorial building might look like. Maybe the geology department will finally get the state-of-the-art equipment they need to look at rocks.


1.) Upgraded Grafton-Stovall:

This is a stretch, as JMU probably has more things they want to spend on, but, hey, when has JMU every passed on the opportunity to spend money on something superfluous? After all, Grafton-Stovall is starting to show its age. Perhaps it could use some upgrades, like getting chairs that don’t feel disgusting to sit in.

Yes, JMU will look quite different in twenty years, so enjoy it as it is now. Like a washed-up aging celebrity with several botched Botox procedures, pretty soon JMU will be almost unrecognizable. However, not matter how much JMU changes, one thing will always remain the same, JMU will never stop asking you for money.

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