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6 Things to Say to Win Over Your JMU Professor (Trust Us.)

Everyone at JMU wants to make sure that they get along with their professors. It can be stressful, after all, saying one little thing could make or break your relationship (sexual or otherwise) with them. How can you know if what you are about to say will leave a positive impression at JMU? Well, worry no more. Here are 6 things to say to win over your JMU professor. Trust us.


6.) “How are the significant other and kids?”:

Show your professor that you care about them and their lives. Vigorously research your teacher until you know every detail of their life, then ask them about personal things. Remember the more in depth you go, the more impressed your professor will be. Ask them how Susan likes being an engineer at Dominion, or if they will be attending little Timmy’s baseball game this weekend in Harrisonburg.


5.) “I have never stolen a Quad brick”:

Professors never know what kind of person will walk through their doors. Telling them that you have never stolen a brick from Quad will instantly put them at ease. No longer will they have to wonder if you are some sort of kleptomaniac (this means having an irresistible urge to steal, SRM majors.) who steals pieces of concrete, for some reason. Instead, they’ll think, “Wow this person is so trustworthy, I think I’ll give them an A.”


4.) “I have stayed all four quarters at Bridgeforth”:

If there is one thing that Professors at James Madison love, it’s commitment. Saying that you got through the slog of watching a 75-14 blowout against Norfolk State without leaving will certainly impress your professor. It shows that you have what it takes to get through all of their classes without leaving halfway through.


3.) “Sorry I was late, I couldn’t find any parking”:
Parking at JMU sucks, and the professors know it. Trying to find parking at JMU is like trying to find needle in a haystack while fifty other people are all fighting over that very same needle. Your professor understands the struggle all too well, as they must go through the same thing. Your professor will understand. Hell, you two can commiserate and form a special bond over it.


2.) “JMU doesn’t pay its professors enough”:
JMU pays its professors less than other schools in Virginia, and the teachers at JMU know it. Be the shoulder that your professor can cry on, and you will instantly get you on their good side. Also, not required, but tips are greatly appreciated. Doesn’t have to be anything too extravagant, but you know a dollar or two here and there won’t hurt.


1.) “J-M-U!”:

JMU professors love their Dukes, so this is the ultimate get out of jail free card. Anytime a professor asks you question that you don’t want to answer like questions about where your project is or why you are late to class, just say “J-M-U!” Immediately, your professor will reply with a Duuuuuuuukes and instantly forget what the issue is.


Remember, maintaining a good relationship with your professor is vital to a having a successful time at college. You must always make sure to pick your words carefully. However, if you say any of these 6 examples and you are pretty much guaranteed to have success.

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