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The Black Sheep Interviews: Herb from Chick-Fil-A

The man. The myth. The legend. The Black Sheep scored an exclusive interview with one of James Madison’s most famous: Herb from Chick-Fil-A. Sit back and get to know the man we all love a little bit better.

The Black Sheep: Where are you from and why did you move to the Harrisonburg area?

Herb: Uh originally Charlotte, North Carolina. My wife is from here. She was born and raised here, so we just moved back here, uh, 11 years ago.

TBS: Do you remember the names of regulars?

Herb: Oh yeah. There’s a lot of them.

TBS:You ever get sick of them?

Herb: Not at all, haha.

The Black Sheep: Italian or Chinese food?

Herb: Man…

TBS: They’re both good.

Herb: I know. Alright then I’m going to have to go with Chinese.

The Black Sheep: What is the craziest thing you’ve seen while working here?

Herb: I’ve seen a lot of crazy stuff. It would probably have to be Halloween.

TBS: Halloween?
Herb: Yeah, it was a couple years back, and I think it fell on the weekend, like on a Saturday or something. So there was all the students dressed up on a Friday, and it was one of the craziest things I ever saw.

TBS: So what was like the weirdest costume?

Herb: Hot dog. There was a hot dog, a corn dog, and…

TBS: Anyone come in as a chicken?

Herb: Yeah, hahaha, and I was like “what?” That was like, the weirdest one.

TBS: Is every Halloween weird?

Herb: No, actually, this year was tame. I don’t think I saw any students dress up.

The Black Sheep: What goes on after you punch out and go from Herb from Chick-Fil-A, to just, Herb?

Herb: Pretty much become Dad, and go home and do all the dad and husband things.

The Black Sheep: Who’s the lucky lady?

Herb: Denise Harper, she’s my one and only.

TBS: Where’d you meet her?

Herb: In Charlotte, we met through mutual friends. Like within a week, when we moved to Charlotte, 20 some years ago, and then we ran into each other 5 years after that.

TBS: It’s weird how random events can just completely change the course of your life.

Herb: Yeah, we both recognized each other and then we started hitting it off; and then realized we both actually live in the same neighborhood.

The Black Sheep: If you had to eat one thing off the menu for the rest of your life what would it be?

Herb: It would probably be the club sandwich because that is pretty much what I eat all the time.

The Black Sheep: Are you aware of your popularity with the students?

Herb: Yes, I’ve been told. Haha.

TBS: That come off as surprising to you?
Herb: Sometimes, yeah, like people will come up and be like, “hey did you see what someone posted about you?” and I’m like, “Nooooooo, is it good?” I have a lot of people come up and tell me a lot of different things. I just do my job.

TBS: Natural charisma.

Herb: Yeah, I guess.

The Black Sheep: Wait, is Herb your real name?

Herb: It’s my nickname. My full name is Herbert. I shortened it because my dad had the same name and my granddaddy had the same name, so it gets a little confusing.

The Black Sheep: Here is an opportunity to speak to a bunch of students at once. What’s on your mind?

Herb: Hmm, putting me on the spot question right there.

TBS: Doesn’t have to be anything important.

Herb: Basically, just watch out for each other. We’re a community here, so you have to watch out for each other and others; and just live the life you want to live and be a good person by doing it.


The staff at The Black Sheep JMU would like to thank Herb for taking the time out of his busy schedule to sit down and chat with us a bit. Next time you’re in Chick-Fil-A burning through dining dollars give our friend Herb a quick shout-out.

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