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JMU GameDay 2.0, A Rundown

Just like the herpes you got freshman year, College GameDay is back! For freshmen and sophomores GET HYPE, because this is your first go around as a student. Juniors and seniors GET HYPE, because umm, you know what an experience it was the first time. This shall be your guide, a beacon into the coming future that will so consume your life as a Duke.


Wednesday: Nothing is really going on but the excitement is really starting to build, especially when you start to to see the Quad get ready to take center stage on Saturday. Oh, right, pretty sure the first tractor-trailers from GameDay arrive, so that just compounds that initial excitement that much more.


Thursday: The College GameDay bus arrives in front of Wilson at 5:30 p.m. This doesn’t seem like it be something worth going to, but…


Yeah. It was actually that wild. It’s starting to get real now. Upperclassmen might shy away from this one, but don’t. EVERTHING is worth attending.


Friday: From 8a.m. on, ESPN will be shooting live segments from the Quad, and at 3p.m. College Football Live will air. There is an also bunch of random shit for students to do if you’re into that. But, the real fun starts at 4p.m. when you can begin to stake out your spot in line for the pit. Those kids were absolutely savage in 2015, if you aren’t committed, don’t bother.


Friday Night: If you decided to camp… Godspeed. It’s one of those things that is a super-cool experience that you never, ever want to do again. Be prepared for a wet ass, a cold body, and an existential crisis. Also, don’t hit the bottle too hard, Saturday is a long day.


Saturday: The day has finally arrived. If you camped out and made it the entire night, congrats. That takes some guts. From 7a.m. to 9a.m., DJ Babi Mac, the College GameDay DJ(?) Will be cranking out some hot beats to transition us into the the actual broadcast…


This moment was one of the best from 2015, the intro…



You’re told to get apeshit crazy and the anticipation is unbearable. After that, it’s 3 hours of constant screaming and cheering. That’s like, seriously all it is. But, it’s honestly unlike anything you’ve experienced before, you MUST make this a priority in your life. Regardless of whether or not you care about sports.


Oh, right. Can’t forget about the game. Bridgeforth will actually have a real college football atmosphere, something that is very rarely repeated. Wear white, and we promise you’ll be staying all 4 quarters.


Sunday: Rest. Saturday will be one of the longest days of your life.


We’re seriously so fortunate to have GameDay once, but twice. Ask how many times any other school in the state (besides those roosters in Blacksburg) have had it. Once? Haha. NONE. Take advantage of this week, it’ll be one of the highlights of your college careers. And, seriously, pace yourselves… In between GameDay, tailgating, and the game there is an obscene amount of alcohol being consumed. You don’t want to be a body at 10 a.m., because there is no time for naps.


Happy GameDay, Dukes!


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