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11 SpongeBob Memes That’ll Define Your Finals Week at KU

Finals week is the Rainbow Road of college. Here are some SpongeBob memes that adequately depict everyone’s ‘finals week feelings’:

11.) Knowing you’re fucked immediately:

Everyone knows that feeling when you sit down to take your final exam, and by the first question you know that it’s over. Just pack your bag and take the L. You tried.

10.) Looking like you’ve just come out a dungeon after 11 years:

Studying is important, but be careful not to spend too much time in the library, otherwise you’ll end up looking like Squidward. Remember to give yourself a break once in a while.

9.) The state of cramming an entire text book into your brain:There comes a time in every Jayhawk’s life when they convince themselves they learn a whole semester’s worth of content in one night. This however, never works.

8.) Destroying your professor:

It’s the last day of classes and you just turned in your final, which was unnecessarily hard. Total dick move by your prof. Get the last laugh by writing them a scathing review on

7.) Oh god, you forgot you had an online class:

Don’t lie and pretend you’ve never had that dream where all of the sudden you realize you’ve been enrolled in a class all semester you completely forgot about and never went to.

6.) Thinking about all the ways that your prof is fucking you over:

Professors that don’t curve, don’t give extra credit, and make their finals cumulative are the worst. They probably also think Qdoba is better than Chipotle and put the milk in the bowl before the cereal. Don’t be like them.

5.) Perfecting your ‘bullshitting’ technique:

Bullshitting class speeches is an art form. You basically just make stuff up and see what sticks. Great for practicing your freestyle skills for when you’re a rapper and make it big.

4.) Not giving a shit about all the class friends you made this semester:

Imagine actually caring that you may not see your classmates again until next semester, or again at all. Can’t relate. Most of these people drive you crazy anyway. Good riddance.

3.) Trying to get anything out of your shitty group project members:

Few things in life are as torturous as group projects. Especially when you get stuck with deadbeats who spend the whole time playing Fortnite or updating their Pinterest board.

2.) Sacrificing the good looks you once had:

One semester of school really takes a toll on you. Never underestimate the ability of a semester to completely ruin your life.

1.) Leaving your last class heartbroken:Nothing’s worse than taking a final and knowing you failed and will have to retake the course. The only thing worse is probably the phone call to let your parents know you suck.

Finals week will destroy you. It does every time. But isn’t it worth it to feel like complete trash for an entire week knowing you spent every Wednesday night sippin’ vodka crans at The Hawk? Definitely.

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