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The 2018 KU Drunk Food Bracket: Round 2

After our first round of the KU Drunk Food Bracket, we saw some tough competition bite the dust. Only the strong survive in March and only the four best drunken eateries remain. Cast your vote on Twitter to see your favorite drunk food spot make it to the final round.

Wheel Pizza (1) vs. Burger Stand (3):
In round 2, Wheel Pizza, the beautiful hometown favorite is up against none other than the very conveniently located Fuzzy’s.

1 Wheel Pizza:
Two of the city’s best late-night pizza shops got pitted against each other in the opening round. These two both provide easy access and affordability, but the Wheel Pizza has the best possible location. Right in the middle of the triangle, sold by the slice, the Wheel takes the cake, or in this case, the pie. But can they beat Burger Stand in round 2?

3 Burger Stand:
Burger Stand has some rocking burgers, but Pepperjax has Philly Cheese Steaks. This was an incredibly tough matchup. It’s very physical, and with the two been closely bunched together on Mass Street, they have formed a bit of a rivalry. Unfortunately for Pepperjax, the Burger Stand took them out behind the woodshed. The students have spoken. But will the students speak loud enough to take them through to the next round?

Fuzzy’s (2) vs. Pickleman’s(4):
This round is tacos vs. sammies. But which one do Jayhawks love more? Only time will tell.

7 Fuzzy’s Taco Shop:
In the Mexican Food Region, we had another tough seeding battle, but our first upset! Fuzzy’s Taco Shop and Burrito King battled it out to see who had the best burrito. Burrito King fell to this year’s Cinderella, Fuzzy’s Taco Shop, but can Fuzzy’s keep it up in round 2?


4 Pickleman’s vs. 5 Jimmy John’s:
In our final first round battle, we had the sandwich showdown. Sometimes, the best late night drunk option is a good old sandwich. The meat and cheese goes great together and the bread soaks up all the alcohol. This was a closely contested battle, and another Mass. Street rivalry. Pickleman’s took the sandwich title to move on to the second round, but will they make it to round 3?

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