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5 Things Donald Trump Would Tweet if He Visited KU

President Trump is a lot of things. While not remotely presidential, he is however an avid Tweeter. When he’s not driving companies into the ground, golfing instead of working, grabbing women’s genitals, and just sucking at his job, he’s tweeting. So we wondered, what would Trump tweet if he ever came to KU?

5.) He’d definitely attack the media:

Not only does Trump love any chance to attack the media, he also has the fragile ego of a middle school girl who just got voted ‘2nd most popular in 6th grade.’ It’s simply impossible in Trump’s mind that someone might not like him. If he didn’t meet Bill Self at KU it’s because Trump snubbed him…or whatever he tells himself to sleep at night.

4.) Brag about something he had nothing to do with:


Perhaps the Donald would venture into Allen Fieldhouse and attend a KU game. Naturally, he’d make the whole thing about himself, padding his ego, then for no reason, proceed to lash about against a player than everyone loves. If he truly did attend, the crowd would likely be as ‘record setting’ as his inauguration.

3.) Make himself look stupid:

Trump isn’t someone who’s known for his factual accuracy. If there’s ever a person who would make the rookie mistake of referring to KU as Kansas University instead of the University of Kansas, it’s him. And of course, since facts aren’t really his forte and he often has a hard time keeping things straight, maybe he’d even mix up our mascot with K-State’s. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time he’s had to delete a tweet to correct something.

2.) Call at least one person a loser:

No doubt, if Trump ever visited KU and had the chance to meet our new chancellor, he’d have a few choice words for him. Literally, few choice words, because his vocabulary is so small (kind of like his hands hehe).

1.) Have some stale takes:

Maybe Trump would go as far as attacking the student body. Maybe he’d use the opportunity to call for more security on campus. Ya know, to “make campuses safe again.” Trump made his “billions” in real-estate, so he’d likely have a field day with the unfinished parking garage that is Wescoe hall

Trump visiting KU would certainly be quite the ordeal. This is just a small glimpse into the endless possibilities of things Trump would have to say if he ever took a trip to Lawrence.


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