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6 Ways to Spice Up Your Lame Halloween Costume


We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but your Halloween costume idea probably sucks. We know you thought you were being original and clever with your super relevant 2016 meme costume, but we all know you got that idea from a Buzzfeed article. Luckily, there’s still some time before Halloween rolls around and you can make some last-minute improvements. Here are the six garbage costumes that you were probably planning on, and how to make them better.


Turn Donald Trump into Hipster Trump:

He’s loud, he’s orange, and he’s running for president. Going as Donald Trump for Halloween would be hilarious any other year, but this year it’s just too easy. We’re going to see more Donald Trumps on October 31st than sorority girls wearing cat ears. Make your Trump costume stand out by adding a fun twist, like Hipster Trump. Keep the orange face and sweep that stringy golden hair into a red “Make America Great Again” beanie. Pussy grabbing? More like pumpkin spice latte grabbing.


Turn Harley Quinn into Casual Harley Quinn:

This is great because it’s going to make people go “huh?” And that’s how you know you have a good costume. It gets others involved. Do her signature crazy hair and makeup, but wear a Hawaiian shirt, a white visor and flip-flops. Dress like she’s visiting her grandma in Orlando and she’s just spending the day at the country club. It’s funny because Harley Quinn is batshit crazy, but tonight she just wants to sip lemonade by the pool.


Turn Pokémon Go into Pokémon Go Greek:

This would make a totally fun couples costume. Pokémon is in that sweet spot where people are starting to forget about it again, but it’s still relevant enough that bringing it back with this kind of insane twist would make you the star of the party. Sorority girls already look like Pokémon trainers with their baseball caps and backpacks and sneakers. Now all they need is a boy in orange chubbies and a mango comfort colors T-shirt screaming “Chad-mander,” or whatever his name is.


Turn Killer Clown into Sexy Killer Clown:

Since clowns wandering around with machetes are now a thing we have to worry about, we’re going to see a lot of jokesters around Lawrence with subpar makeup skills thinking they’re amusing and ending up with pepper spray burning their mascara off. How do you avoid this? You make your clown sexy, of course. It’s the oldest trick in the book. Take any regular, boring thing and make it sexy. Sexy nurse, sexy cop, sexy killer clown. People won’t know if they should be scared or turned on.


Turn The Dog Snapchat Filter into a Cat with the Dog Filter:

Anyone who uses the dog filter probably watches mediocre beauty vloggers on YouTube, chugs pumpkin spice lattes, shops at Forever 21 and follows Kylie Jenner on Snapchat. It’s an ok costume idea, but we both know you can do better. You know how sometimes you try to get the dog filter to pop up on your cat’s face because, well, if a cat is cute and a dog is cute, then together it must be 2cute4words, right? Your costume will be just like that. People won’t be able to stop petting you and giving you treats.


Turn Harambe into, Actually Can We Just Not?:

The only thing better than a Harambe costume is everyone agreeing to just forget this awful meme ever happened.


Here’s to a Halloween free of poorly executed costumes. Happy Spooktober, Jayhawks.

Posted by The Black Sheep on Monday, October 17, 2016

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