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7 Very Real Stories From KU Dorms that Will Make You Glad You’re No Longer a Freshman

Everyone talks about how the Dirty O is one hell of a mess, but each dorm hall has its series of stories from dumb as fuck freshmen. From ghosts to fight clubs, here are a few 100% real stories from previous residents to remind you that you’re never completely ‘with it’ in any residence hall…

7.) The basketball & window incident:
Last year, everyone thought someone came for GSP. One of the windows in the hall was completely smashed, but turns out it’s because someone threw a basketball through the window. Either they were really trying to express their love for Devonte’ Graham (relatable), or someone really fucked them over.

6.) The fight club:
Remember that small group of men on one of the floors who started a fight club in GSP? They broke the ultimate rule about fight club — to not talk about fight club. Men trying to overtly prove their masculinity always ends poorly.

5.) Getting lit in Ellsworth:
Typically Hash is known as the stoner dorm, but Ellsworth comes in at a close second. Apparently, it’s a regular occurrence for people to just be chilling in the elevator and start lighting up a blunt there. But hey, we don’t blame them.

4.) Exit sign thief:
This one is definitely one of the more recent scenarios, but someone ran around at 2 a.m. trying to steal all the exit signs on all the floors and punch out some ceiling tile from GSP and supposedly even Oliver. No one knows why, but hey — what can you do?

3.) Corbin is haunted AF:
Not a specific story, but there are way too many accounts of people being spooked in Corbin to not take it seriously. Some say if you’re up late enough, you can see the shadows of previous residents walking through the halls. (Sometimes they leave the lights on kinda late and that’s hella spooky.) It’s impossible to regulate your sleeping patterns after that.

2.) The girl who pissed on the carpet:
One girl snuck into another girl’s room in Ellsworth and pissed on their carpet. The girl still technically wasn’t caught, but you should like consider locking your door. KU PSO would be proud of you for that.

1.) Drunk men in the Dirty O:
In just this year, a large chunk of drunk men can be found asleep in the staircases of the Dirty O all thanks to Dollar Night. There’s one noteworthy video of a drunk guy in the lobby and slowly falling back into the staircase before rolling down the stairs. We’ve all been there, so no judging, but it’s a fucking fantastic video.  

No residence hall is ever truly fun, but at least you and ten other people can recognize how hellish it is and bond over that. In the meantime, protect your exit signs.

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