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8 Fraternity Boys Who Are Almost Too Cute To Throw Off the Top of the Campanile

Because sometimes KU’s favorite social institution and our favorite architectural structure collide, we ranked the eight fraternity boys who are almost too cute to throw off the top of the Campanile:

8.) What a hunk, right?:

Awww, don’t you love his Vineyard Vines shirt? We hope that the drop barely stains the baby pink cloth!

7.) Oh my god, so dreamy!:


This hot little number has somehow made an appearance at every single sorority date party this semester! He sure cleans up nice, but we don’t know how well he’d clean up at the base of the Campanile.

6.) Can you say heart-eye emojis?!:

Check out this heartbreaker! You KNOW he wants you on your back, so it’s almost hard to not shove him onto his, propelling him over the top of the campus’s most famous landmark!

5.) Just take a look at this dream boat:

Ooh, this cutie has decided to send you a “Good morning!” snap every day despite having met you once! It’s so endearing, you almost don’t want to fling his writhing body off of KU’s most most cursed piece of architecture.

4.) This guy’s got us all hot and bothered: 

God DAMN, what a hottie! He definitely won’t text you back ever, adding an aura of mystery that makes it just that much more difficult to throw him off the third tallest bell tower.

3.) WOWZA:

He’s tall, he’s dark, he’s handsome, and he’s “not sexist” because he’s a Gender and Women’s Studies minor. We have butterflies! Though they might just be pangs of guilt over his fate of being flung off of the top of the Campanile.

2.) This is getting to be too much:

Is he white? Is he in a frat? Does he have a “Rock Chalk!” ass tattoo that he barely felt because he was so wasted? All of the above! We bet this sexy dude with a high pain tolerance would barely cry as he plummeted to his demise.

1.) Are your panties wet too? Wow:

Okay, this frat boy is actually a good one. We wouldn’t feel any shame taking him home to meet our parents, although we would be a bit more hesitant to show them his mangled, lifeless body in the center of campus.

Wonder if he looks as good inside as he does outside? Let’s find out by throwing him off the tower!

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