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KU Fraternities Switch to JUULpods in Protest of Overpriced Weed

JUULpods are a new fad approaching KU’s campus. Described as an electronic cigarette that provides a higher than normal nicotine buzz, fraternities all over campus are taking a new initiative and pledging to use JUULpods in place of weed in order to get high.

“I finally switched to JUULpods after paying $30/gram for weed and thinking that I just bought some high quality shit, but no, my pledge brother took a hit and said I’d been smoking oregano all day,” said ΑΣΣ member, Alex Richardson. “I mean, at least with JUULpods I know I’m getting properly buzzed.”

Although vaping has been a cause of bullying for other students on campus, it now seems to be okay to vape with a JUULpod, as long as you’re wearing boat shoes and a Hawaiian shirt.

“A lot of us know that we’ve been unfair to those who vape in the past, but now that we’re no longer being victimized by weed prices, vaping is actually encouraged within the houses. In fact, we’ve been using study hours to learn new vape tricks,” said senior Justin Welch while struggling to blow Os. “Women fucking love vape tricks.”

While JUULpods are quickly becoming popular, buying them is becoming more difficult. Buying them online requires a person to be 21 years of age, so many college students are flocking toward gas stations to get their fix.

“We get about 20 calls a day, and that isn’t an exaggeration,” said QuickShop clerk Mike Washington. “I told some frat boy that we didn’t have any left, and he told me he’d suck my dick if I went and looked again. He then laughed awkwardly, said ‘no homo though,’ and hung up.”

No matter where fraternity members are getting their JUULpods, it’s comforting to be able to see a group no longer struggling financially just to get high.

“I remember the first time I hit a JUULpod,” Welch said while staring off into the distance. “It felt like I was in a dream, and well, now that my wallet is no longer being victimized, I guess I kind of am.”

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