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After One Day of Parties, KSU Students Claim Cow Town the ‘Best Party Town’

Students from all over Kansas traveled to Manhattan for Fake Patty’s Day, which included a full day of drinking and sitting on roofs. Kansas State students are quick to let the success of Fake Patty’s Day get to their heads, as they forget that it’s the only time Manhattan is relevant for the entire year.

 “Manhattan is the place to be, man,” said KSU senior, Wesley Prescott. After being asked about how his time in Lawrence was last weekend, Prescott drunkenly declared that he was going to, “climb up that roof over there”.

Prescott isn’t the only student that seems to think Manhattan throws the best parties.

“If a town has a sign displaying their name, they’re automatically the best at throwing parties,” said KSU junior, Ashley Adams. “Like, Hollywood has a sign, and like, we have a sign, so… And well, that’s all I can think of right now but there’s definitely more good stuff.” “I mean, we don’t do cocaine or anything like that, but I did once see a guy push over a cow once. If that doesn’t say ‘wow MHK is the best place for entertainment’ then I don’t know what does.”

While exchanging drunken stories with a staff member of The Black Sheep, Adams accidentally kept referencing The Hawk and awkwardly retreated to climb the nearby roof to with Prescott.

While nothing can prove the opinion that Manhattan parties are better than Lawrence, it’s safe to say that KU and KSU students can argue about it again this weekend when KSU students come back to the Lawrence bars. 

And without further ado, we give you A VINE POWER HOUR.

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