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KU Professor Struggles with Self Esteem After Checking RateMyProfessor

KU Engineering Professor Derek Shaw was last seen in The Underground Wednesday, and students said he looked rather distraught. The last thing people remember seeing was Shaw hunched over his cell phone while he checked his RateMyProfessor score after a majority of students failed his last exam.

Comments such as “what a fucking wanker,” and “piece of shit Shaw,” were scrawled underneath his page. He was also rated a 1 on overall quality, and his level of difficulty was rated a 5.

“I failed his last exam and while I may not have gone to class, it’s definitely his fault. I don’t regret giving him a 1. Who would? The guy should be a professor at K-State,” said Senior Becky Walsh while rating all her other current professors 1s. “Ah shit, I just realized I should be in class right now.”

After a two-hour session at CAPS, Shaw finally had a chance to talk about the devastating blow to his self-esteem.

“Things have been really difficult for me. I wake up every morning and remember the comments made by the Beckys and Chads of this university and I can’t bring myself to get out of bed,” Shaw said. “I was supposed to work for NASA, but no, I stayed behind so I could help educate the youths and this is what I get??”

Shaw is suing the University of Kansas for compensation for his “pain and suffering” on account of them allowing “mean students” to enroll.

“My self-esteem may never be full again, but at least my wallet might be, and I think that’s all I can hope for,” Shaw said.

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