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7 Questions We Have for the People Who ‘Wee-Wooed Like Patrick’ at The Campanile Friday Night

Freshman Spencer Jones sprung up a movement Friday night at the Campanile when he created the Facebook event to “wee-woo” like Patrick from SpongeBob at the Campanile. To a few, he may possibly lowkey be on Devonte’ Graham level of godliness, but let’s face it, do we really understand what the hell happened at the Campanile Friday night?

7.) How long did you guys prepare for this?:
Seriously, there’s been a lot of SpongeBob references being made around campus in general. Was this sudden or did you guys really rise up from the ashes like that? KU students want to know.

6.) What the hell were you wearing?:
There’s fragments of yellow sponge around the Campanile. Did you guys really imitate SpongeBob as best as you could? Also, that’s fake as hell, because Patrick was the one who initially did the wee-wooing. How could you play him like that?

5.) Why eight o’clock at night?:
Eight o’clock is a weird hour. Most events start at 7 or 9. Literally any other hour usually. Do wee-wooing abilities reach their prime at 8 p.m.? Asking for the ghost of the Sigma Nu house.

4.) Also, the Campanile?:
The Campanile does kind of look like a dick reaching into the sky and is its own meme-worthy material inherently, but really, why that particular location? It’s also cursed, so like did you think you could reverse it with proper wee-wooing? Or were you trying to summon the original creator of the curse? What’s the truth?

3.) Did you wee-woo multiple times or just once?:
Really, how was this organized? Shouts could be heard from the Union, but was that truly all the wee-woos being synchronized? Or did you wee-woo once and the ghost of James Naismith or something come out and finish it for you out of pride?

2.) Who actually went?:
There’s like 3,000 of you on the Facebook event. Did it look like Allen Fieldhouse or were some people fake about it didn’t go at all? From a distance it looked like a big crowd, but are KU students really emotionally prepared to handle that fact?

1.) What constitutes as a proper wee-woo?:
Are all forms of wee-woos accepted or does it literally have to sound like Patrick? Also, was there training involved to get to this point? Can you become a black-belt in wee-wooing?

Stay tuned for when KU students eventually decide to redo the Bubble Bowl performance from SpongeBob outside Allen Fieldhouse. We’re sure we’ll have plenty of questions then…

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