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7 of KU’s Sexiest Professors


If you’ve ever wondered if you’re alone in wanting to rip off your professor’s clothes during the middle of lecture: you’re not. This university is full of smart, strong, sexy professors. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top seven sexiest Professors at KU to show you that it’s okay to be thirsty.

7.) Barbara Barnett– School of Journalism:

Barbara boasts a 4.0 overall on Not only does she have an above average rating, but, she has a 1.9 level of difficulty. Making her test slightly harder than getting back sweat while walking up the hill. Plus, a lot of her focus is on media so maybe she can help explain why you suddenly lost 20 Twitter followers? (P.S. don’t call her Barb. She hates it).

6.) Katie Batza–Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies:

While Katie doesn’t yet have a rating on RateMyProfessor, she does having a rating in our hearts– a 10/10.  Nothing is sexier than a professor who has lecture material all about respecting women.

5.) Mahbub Rashid–School of Architecture and Design:

Although Rashid has an average overall quality, he’s got an MA and PhD in architecture. You’ll quickly fall in love with lectures, his soft smile, and his tousled hair. And, when he ultimately breaks your heart after you profess your love, he’ll help construct you a bridge to properly get over it. What a guy!

4.) Nathaniel Brunsell–Atmospheric Science:

Nathaniel hasn’t received any ratings yet, but nothing’s sexier than a man that could double as a local TV weatherman. He can read weather conditions accurately, meaning that your outfits are going to be better coordinated with the day’s events. Nathaniel may be the weather expert, but even we can guarantee things will be a little wet if you’re taking a class with him.

3.) Christina Bejarano–Political Science:

Since Christina’s ratings on RateMyProfessor aren’t ideal, the sexiest thing about Christina is the fact that she’s suddenly helping you curb your Facebook addiction. Who needs to log onto Facebook to argue with your great uncle about politics when you could have a friendly, intellectual discussion with Professor Bejarano instead?

2.) Paul Atchley–Department of Psychology:

Paul Atchley has an above average rating on RateMyProfessor, but words frequently used to describe him are “tough grader,” and “lecture heavy”. Although he seems like less fun than a night spent at Anschutz, he does have some dreamy eyes.

1.) Hume Feldman–Astronomy:

Hume Feldman is a professor in physics and astronomy. He has an average overall quality score, but a low difficulty level. In fact, his classes are so easy, that soon you’ll be earning an A. And if you’re lucky, soon you’ll earn his affection. Eventually you’ll both be gazing up at the stars, and desperately trying to find a way to show him Uranus.  

If you’re in any of these professor’s classes this semester, congratulations! You’ve successfully maneuvered a class while dealing with the stress of homework and massive amounts of sexual tension.

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