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A Slam-Dunk Guide To Late Night In The Phog

 Tailgates and football season are fun and all. But get real, we all know why you chose to come to KU. We have debatably the best venue in all of sports and dominance of a Power Six conference that is unrivaled in the modern era. October 1 is Late Night in the Phog at Allen Fieldhouse, the annual kickoff to the season. If you’re new to this whole Kansas Basketball thing, you probably aren’t very familiar with the idea of Late Night. Luckily for you, we’ve got the rundown for you:

The Lowdown:
First and foremost, understand that it’s really just a glorified practice; it’s literally referred to as “the first practice of the year.” Don’t get it twisted, it’s an awesome experience where you might laugh, cry, and have a stroke from sheer excitement, but it’s just a taste of the atmosphere of a real game. The appeal for most fans is getting a first look at the team for the upcoming year. With top recruit Josh Jackson on board, there’s a lot of hype surrounding this team. So when the team finally gets around to scrimmaging, be ready for a show.

The Hype:
That being said, Late Night isn’t all about the dribbles dimes and dunks. There’s much more to it than just basketball. Things usually kick off with a hype video which will recap the illustrious, if not sometimes tragic, history of Kansas Basketball. There will be skits performed, both live on the court and played over the Jumbotron. For the most part every player will have to make an attempt at dancing. If you like watching tall awkward men and women try to perform hastily learned dance numbers and hearing one of the best coaches in the game tell bad jokes, the scrimmage will be the last thing on your mind.

The Entertainment Before the Entertainment:
If you haven’t heard yet, 2 Chainz is set to make an appearance in the Phog. And knowing 2 Chainz, it’s likely they’ll appear out of some fog. Before the games begin, Jayhawk ears across the arena will be ringing with the sweet, sweet sounds whatever kind of music that guys makes. There’s nine of them, right?

Finally, the Scrimmage:
When it finally comes time for the scrimmage, one thing needs to be made very clear: We’re talkin’ about practice, not a game, practice. Expect to be entertained and excited by the flashy displays (not that kind) the players exhibit, but take it with a grain of salt. You don’t want to be that fan that gets on Twitter after Late Night and spouts off that the Hawks are going to go 40-0 and yes, you’re sure because you saw all the dunks at Late Night. And you certainly don’t want to be anything like this guy.

Students and fans alike will be waiting to secure their spot in line all day today until the student doors open at 5 p.m. The rest of the world will be let in around 5:30, and the show starts at 6:30. Whether it’s your first Late Night or your hundredth just enjoy all the skits, dances and dunks. And for the love of Naismith, don’t you fucking woo during the chant.

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