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The Four Best KU Basketball Camping Group Names Two Games into the Season


It’s November, which means basketball is finally here to distract us from our terrible, horrible, no good, very bad football team. If you’re a sophomore and above, you know the drill. Camping for basketball is vital to get good seats, even though we all know you pulled 278 from the hat at the last lottery. So, here are the best KU basketball camping group names two games into the season.


Ricardo Chicken Fingers and the Finger Bang Gang:




It isn’t even evident if this group is actually real, but it was on the list of groups at Allen Fieldhouse, so we’ll count it. Creative, weird and has nothing to do with basketball by any fathomable stretch of the imagination. Also, “the Finger Bang Gang” has to be the best gang name you’ve ever heard of.


Side note: they’re chicken tenders, not fingers.


Sveez Nuts:




Short, sweet, beautiful. Combining Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk and a testicle reference is always win-win situation. Here’s the thing, the more inappropriate your camping group name is, the better it is. We don’t make the rules. Just go full seventh grade humor.


Phoggy with a Chance of Treyballs:




Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs is a surprising good movie. Your group is just a bunch of clever fucks and actually put some sort of rational thought into creating this name, instead of drunkenly figuring which player’s name rhymes with any synonym of penis (Lagerald Vick). Congrats to your camping group not all being alcoholics or stoners. Big accomplish right there.


Dwight Coleby: Assistant to the Regional Manager:




Also, clever. No better way to show your love for The Office like naming your camping group after the show. ACTUAL SPORT TIDBIT: Dwight Coleby, a transfer from Ole Miss, is new to the team this year. He tore his ACL earlier this year, but would be sitting out anyway due to transfer rules.


Svidish Fish:




Easily the second best gummy candy to gummy bears, but it does suck when you spend when you get that shit stuck in your teeth and you have to spend ten minutes trying to get it out. But other than that no complaints.


With basketball season in full-swing, it’s finally time to get creative with something other than excuses as to why our football team is just awful. With Rock Chalk Jayhawk here, here’s to good names and a great season.

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