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#UnpopularOpinion: 5 Reasons Watson Library is Better Than Anschutz

There comes a point in every student’s life when he or she realizes there’s more to this “college” gig than getting inebriated every single night. This may occur when you’re glued to your bed with a debilitating hangover on any given Sunday, or perhaps midterms were the wake-up call that you needed. Either way, going to the library is kind of essential. There’s no “right” or “wrong” library in the case of Watson v. Anschutz, but consider this: Anschutz actually sucks, like a lot. Watson is 100% the better library and here’s why.

5.) The couches on the 5th floor of Watson are stupid comfy:
The trek up to the 5th floor of Watson is well worth it because the ambiance is truly something else. Those big-ass gothic windows? The variety of seating to choose from? Simply amazing. Not to be ignored, though, are the couches. Sprawl out on one of those things and let the homework grind take care of itself.

4.) Watson = great nap opportunities:
This leads to the next point. Who wants to take a nap under the desks at Anschutz? Probably no one, but sometimes it’s only the logical thing to do. Watson is prone to more hiding spots, and since it’s less populated, the likelihood that you’ll land on someone’s Snapchat story while passed out decreases significantly.

3.) There’s too much happening on the main floor of Schutz:
Not trying to be shallow here, but Anschutz is really lacking in the looks department. It’s no Wescoe, but it’s up there. Immediately upon entry, one is greeted by those God-awful printers. At least at Watson the printing section is somewhat tucked away. The main floor of Anshutz is half teacher’s lounge, half waiting room of a creepy doctor’s office.

2.) Those wooden desks? Big no:
What is the point of spending long hours at the library if you’re sitting on a slab of wood? In what universe is this comfortable? This isn’t even taking into consideration the annoying-ass creaky noises that are made every time you make the slightest adjustment in your seat. The only thing those desks are good for are the conveniently located shelves.

1.) Anschutz’s lighting will get all up in your face without so much as an apology:
In theory, a valid point against Watson is that the lighting is kind of shitty–as in, it’s really fucking dim and those study lamps are simply a necessity when you’re posted up during the night hours. However, with enough Adderall and caffeine, the lighting is but a trivial issue. Plus, the dim lighting is kind of cozy. Why is the lighting in ‘Schutz so violently bright? Are we in a hospital or an institution of higher learning? Hard pass.

Even though Anschutz is kind of shitty, it’s better to post up there than to not study at all. Godspeed on those midterms, friends.


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