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10 Ways to Spend Your Final Flex Dollars at UK


It’s the final week of classes and you’re sweating, but it’s not because of finals. Let’s be real, you probably only have, like, one real final. Your real worry is how to spend your final flex dollars so that they don’t go to waste. Here’s a list of the top 10 things to do with those last flex dollars to get the biggest bang out of your buck from UK Dining.


10.) Binge Eat at Bowman’s:
If you’ve been one of the few people who have eaten at Freshii all semester and kept that high school track bod up to date, it’s time. It’s time to get your freshman fifteen in fifteen (minutes). Eat a footlong at Subway with a side of Chick-fil-A nuggets with an iced macchiato for dinner, then for dessert get some cookies from Common Grounds.


9.) Have Yourself a Last Supper with Your Friends at Aqua:
Treat your roommates to plates upon plates of sushi. Or maybe even try giving Aqua a call to see if they can cater your dorm room. That way, you don’t even have to walk downstairs and all the way down the sidewalk.


8.) Clear out Wildcat Pantry:
Buy the Cheetos as if Lexington is expecting five inches of snow. If you don’t always live in Lexington and are not sure how many Cheetos this means, it means that you should most definitely buy all of the Cheetos. Actually, just clear out the stock so they have to order more of everything. Keep swiping until your ID gets declined.


7.) Go to Freshii:
You always see it in the Jacobs Science Building and think, “That looks healthy, I should probably eat healthier and go there.” But then you go upstairs and buy a bag of chips and an energy drink. Resist that urge and spend your remaining flex on buying one of those aesthetically pleasing salads. Your Instagram followers will thank you.


6.) See How Many Shots of Espresso You Can Down at the Willy T. Starbucks:
It’s like taking tequila shots except not really, because you might experience the ability to run around campus like Usain Bolt. Especially when you’re dragging from studying all night, this is the perfect pick me up.


5.) Stuff Your Face with Einstein’s:
It’s a blessing that Lexington has an Einstein’s, and it’s even better because it’s walkable from your dorm. Get in there and buy some fancy coffees, smoothies, fruit cups, and all the Bagelwiches your flex money will allow. Treat yo self.


4.) Visit Brioche Doree in the Gatton Building and Get Boujee:
Spare no expense. It’s literally a Parisian bakery. Pretend like you don’t have to study for finals and take a mental trip to Paris. Because you’re a broke college kid, the last thing you can do right now is travel to Paris, so just pretend.


3.) Give a Final Goodbye to The 90:
After a wild night out, buy burritos from Taco Bell for everyone you meet. Or, after a long stressful day of not studying for finals, head over to La Madeleine and eat something full of delicious carbs. Because everything there is easily over $10, it won’t be hard to get rid of your final flex dollars.


2.) Buy Boxes of Tissues from Wildcat Pantry:
So if you don’t feel like buying food and all you’ve done all week is weep your eyes out from stress, then buy out Wildcat Pantry’s stock of tissues. With the insane pollen count here, these will come in handy for both crying and sneezing all day long.


1.) Give Your Student ID to a Friend:
Make sure they look like you and tell them to spend it on whatever their heart desires, because you have five hours to write a ten-page paper that you haven’t started on yet. When you procrastinate a paper until the last few hours to do it, you don’t have time to cram a bunch of Taco Bell Quesaritos down your throat in order to spend all your flex. Make someone’s day and let them cram all the Quesaritos down their throat that they can fit.




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