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4 Things We Learned About Coach Cal From His Epic Rant


We hope you Wildcats are enjoying your Spring Break full force right now! Whether you’re getting smashed in Frat Laudy or somewhere beyond the border, we’re sure you’re enjoying this wonderful godsend of a week off from school. In case you needed any more reason to celebrate, our basketball team achieved a glorious victory over Texas A&M in the SEC tourney, bringing the championship home once again! Despite our win, with the seed announcements, Kentucky was placed lower than the rivals we had beaten a few hours prior. Many in the Big Blue Nation did not have such kind words about this, but Coach Cal had a few words to say about Kentucky’s four seed, and we learned some things about him…


4.) He’s a People Pleaser:


Coach Cal almost feels like he is putting on a show for the interviewers. He is full of jokes, but full of passion for his team. He delivers a rather heartfelt speech, before asking if that got the interviewers happy.



“Does that get you juiced today, Seth?”


We’re pretty sure there’s something going on between him and Seth, but let’s move along.


3.) He Secretly Wanted to Go to Anchorage:


Coach Cal noted he was fine with the team going to Des Moines, though we could easily pick up the disappointment in his voice as he talked about Anchorage, home to the show, Alaskan Bush People. Maybe this is Coach Cal hinting his post-retirement plans to go live off the grid with this show full of weirdos. How much more fun would that show be with Coach Cal though, are we right?




2.) He Taught Us the “Italian Test”:


Obviously, Coach Cal is Italian, and quite proud of it too. During his rant, he really lets the hot-bloodedness of the heritage show through. Although, the better way he tells us to figure out if someone is Italian?



“Look at the noooose!”


1.) He Doesn’t Want it Easy:


When he finally does get back on track during the interview to actually talk about basketball, he doesn’t care too much about whether or not the committee got it wrong. He understands they are human and make mistakes. Coach Cal importantly notes that he doesn’t want the tournament to be easy for our team, and shouldn’t we all? We have faith in our team and we want to see them earn that NCAA tournament title.




We don’t know about ya’ll, but we’re ready to see our Wildcats kick some major ass and bring home the championship this year!


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