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5 UK Dining V-Day Deals Better Than The Deals Offered


This Valentine’s Day, if you want to take your lover on a date but you’re either too broke or don’t have a car for transportation, have no fear: UK Dining is here! They’ve come up with a special “Valentine’s Day Reservation” dinner at La Madeline at the 90 consisting of a three course meal for 2 for the low price of $30 flex. However, we here at The Black Sheep have come up with our own ideas of 5 deals that would have been way better than this; Take notes for next year, UK Dining.


5.) $25 All You Can Eat Tacos from Taco Bell:




This deal would be great for both the crazy in love couples and the hateful bitter single folk here on campus. Tacos are great for all occasions. Want to take your babe out to a date they’ll actually enjoy? Or do you just want to go get a 6 pack of PBR and eat your heart out on overpriced under-quality tacos? Who knows. Either way, we’re not judging you.


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4.) $50 Flex Candlelit Dinner with Table Service at Fresh Food Co. in the 90:




As if the La Madeline deal was supposed to be romantic… what’s more romantic than having a candlelit dinner at Fresh Foods? Black tie event. Nothing will make their mediocre pizza and hours cold burgers seem like 5 star quality than having a middle aged man dressed in a tuxedo named “Jeeves” come serve you. “Would you like sparkling grape juice with that, madam?”


3.) “Blaze-Her Café”:




This is a great option for all you single folks. Head on over to Blazer Café for a special treat; free entrance when you bring a picture of your despised ex to burn! All photos will be burnt outside to ensure proper fire safety, on a flaming couch, as per UK tradition. After you burn that hideous photo of your disgusting ex lover, enjoy some more mediocre pizza and yet another cold hamburger! Will they have French fries? Or ketchup? Only time will tell. They’ll probably be out, though.


2.) Delivery Breakfast in Bed, courtesy of the Fresh Food Company for $30 Flex:




What says “college” more than having fake eggs and under-cooked turkey sausage delivered straight to your bed? For only $30 flex dollars, you can do just this! Imagine being cuddled up with your bae on Valentine’s morning in your twin bed in your Kirwan dorm room, as you hear a knock and an actual UK Dining employee walking in with your tray of barely edible food! You don’t ever have to get up!


1.) Buy One, Get One 10% Off from “Chick-Fil-Bae” or “SubBae” on Valentine’s Day




As UK Dining is already charging us ridiculous amounts of money for barely quality food, this year take your “someone special” to Bowman’s Den and let them order whatever they want on the menu—for 10% off! (With your full-priced entrée of $12.50 or more, of course.) You can take it to go to get back to your “Netflix and chill” session with your one and only.


As you can see, any of these plans would be better than the La Madeline deal that they have set up. Will there actually be any couples who head over there for their day of love? Probably not. If you do go, you’re probably planning on eating the 3 courses all alone and going home to Hulu and hang since you don’t have a significant other to Netflix and chill with. Enjoy it, and remember to stay safe this weekend, Wildcats!


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