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7 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss Keeneland on College Scholarship Day



It’s that time of the semester when every day seems to be dragging out, yet there still doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day. Luckily for us, Keeneland opens back up this Friday for the Spring College Scholarship Day. If you’ve never been, you need to go at least once before you graduate, and here is why:


7.) Everyone Dresses Up:

It’s a fun excuse to finally take off those sweatpants you’ve been wearing for days and put on some real clothes. If you’ve never been to Keeneland, you’ll want to make sure you wear your finest attire. Girls wear dresses and guys wear button-ups and bowties. Everyone looks rather dapper and if you accidentally wear jeans and a t-shirt, everyone will stare at you and judge you until you feel as incompetent as you look. So make sure you dress accordingly.


6.) Lots of Free Stuff:

There are a bunch of tables that have tons of free stuff. T-shirts, hats, food, they’ve got it all. Make the most of your Keeneland experience by waiting until you get there and then scarfing down all the free samples you can get your grubby little hands on. Then, go through the line again. This will prep your stomach to be able to consume all the alcohol that you can drink, well, before you can’t drink anymore.


5.) Day Drinking:

Getting turnt during the day seems to have different effects on everyone. It hits most people in the same way it hits you that you’ve accidentally passed the final drop date for that class you’ve been failing. Oh well, at Keeneland on College Scholarship Day you can be 100% certain that there will be a plethora of drunk people left and right. Make plans beforehand to get home, because there will be an Uber surge, and your bank account will definitely regret it the next day.


4.) Horse Racing:

What’s more “Kentucky” than skipping class to go bet on horses? Absolutely nothing. Well, except maybe brushing your teeth with bourbon.  The sun will shine bright (hopefully) on our old Kentucky home as we cheer on our horses we bet on. Whether you know a lot about horse racing or nothing at all, there are people there who can help you figure out what the hell to say when you get to the window. Don’t worry, you’ll be a pro soon enough.


3.) College Scholarships:

The name speaks for itself, but in case you didn’t know, they give out college scholarships to lucky students all day! All you need to do to register is bring your student ID. Imagine your excited tone as you call your mom to tell her you’ve won a scholarship for doing absolutely nothing. What could be better!


2.) Instagram Pics:

Maybe it’s been a while since you’ve posted a quality pic on the ole ‘gram, but hey, after Keeneland College Scholarship Day, that shouldn’t be an issue. Get all your buddies together and stand in front of the horse track and have someone take your picture. Throw a filter on that bad boy and a witty caption, and you’re guaranteed at least 50 likes. Everyone’s a sucker for College Scholarship Day pics. Just make sure you don’t look too messed up in any of the pics because, trust us, those come back to haunt you.


1.) Professors Understand:

There are a ton of professors at UK who love horses and bourbon, believe it or not, just as much as we do. They sympathize with us when we don’t show up to class because we wanted to go spend a day at the track. If they don’t, then we don’t really care that much anyways.


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