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7 Sexiest Alumni from the University of Kentucky


One of the many things about the University of Kentucky that entices young prospective students is the sexiness that our school has to offer. Academics, talent, athletics, we’ve had ‘em all. We at The Black Sheep have gathered a list of our 7 most notable and sexiest alumni to help get us through the midterm week blues, and help remind us that if these 7 sexy people could do it, we can too.


7.) Pat Riley:



Pat Riley played both football and basketball for the cats when he attended UK from 1963-1967. After attending school here, he was drafted to the NBA and eventually became the coach of the Miami Heat. He radiated some heat alright, which is why we added him to our sexiest alumni list.


6.) Mitch McConnell:




Mitch attended UK’s law school from 1966-1969. He’s the current senate house majority leader, so he’s kind of a big deal. Whether you want to “ditch Mitch” or keep him around just to stare into those big puppy eyes, he’s got our attention for one of our sexiest alumni.


5.) Story Musgrave:




Story Musgrave is a retired astronaut who graduated from UK in 1966 after many long nights of studying with a Masters of Science degree in Physiology and Biophysics. After his time here, he went on to work for NASA and go on six flights to space. We think he’s definitely got a spot on our list, his sexiness is just out of this world.


4.) Lisa Sparks:




Lisa Sparks graduated from the University of Kentucky in 2002 with a Master of Arts degree and minor in Business. She’s more commonly known as Lisa Sparxxx, and after her time at UK she went on to become a porn star. She’s on our list because we hope sparks would fly if we got the chance to meet her.


3.) Thomas Hunt Morgan:




Thomas attended Kentucky at the age of 16 and graduated as valedictorian with a Bachelor’s of Science in 1886. Later in his career, he went on to win a Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1933 for his research about biological chromosomes linking heredity. We had to include him, he’s got his own building on our campus. We’d love to see if we could have had any chemistry with him, if you know what we mean.


2.) Elizabeth Hulette:




Elizabeth graduated from UK with a communications degree. She was a professional wrestler and wrestling manager. We included her to this list hopeful that she could teach us a few pointers, but sadly she died from a drug overdose in 2003.


1.) Ashley Judd:




Ashley is one of the most well-known UK alumni. She attended UK in 1990, but didn’t officially get her degree until 2007 on the Ellen DeGeneres show.  Ashley is an actress, most recently in the Divergent series, and she is a fan of Kentucky athletics still to this day. She’s hot and admit it, we all have seen this poster of her and love it.


Hang in there, Wildcats. Hopefully these 7 sexiest UK alumni gave you some motivation to keep pushing through midterms. If not, then at least it gave you a few minutes of distraction before getting back to hitting the books.



Is there actual crack in Pumpkin Spice Lattes? Or is it something else?

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