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7 Things Kentucky Students Want from The Easter Bunny


With Easter Sunday quickly approaching, we UK students feel that there are some items we want to wake up to in our Easter baskets. *Ahem, Easter bunny, take notes*


7.) More Flex Dollars:

It’s that last haul of the semester, we all are struggling to make ends meet. It would be awesome if the Easter bunny could bring us all like $100 in flex to help us with our 2 a.m. Taco Bell cravings, or Starbucks before our 8 a.m. finals. Either way, it probably wouldn’t last ‘til finals, but we can hope, right?


6.) Lots of Extra Credit:

As our midterm grades were posted during Spring Break, none of us actually cared at all until this week when we checked MyUK. Now we’re all scrambling our syllabi to figure out our extra credit opportunities and email our professors to see what we can do to bring that D to an A. If the Easter bunny brought us extra credit points, this would be a *que DJ Khaled* “Major Key to Success.”


5.) An Extra Week of Spring Break:

Nothing sucks more than the Monday after Spring Break. Between the post vacation depression and the utter hatred of classwork, there’s an uncomfortable middle ground of disappointment and unhappiness. If we woke up Sunday morning to an extra week of Spring Break in our pastel colored weaved baskets, we’d be a whole lot happier and motivated.


4.) Priority Registration:

With fall registration coming up in the next few weeks, many of us are worried we won’t get the classes we need/want. Sure, we get “priority registration” but it would be BOMB AF if little Peter Cottontail hopped down the bunny trail with an extra early date for us to register our classes so we wouldn’t worry about our internet crashing and having to take a Gender Women’s Studies class because that was the only other option with seats still available to fulfill our UK Core.


3.) A Home Cooked Meal:

Let’s be honest here, UK Dining sucks. We want real food. A home cooked meal is just about the only thing that every single college student could agree that they want. We can’t afford to go to a fine dining experience because we spent our last $10 on a 30 pack of Natty light, and to be honest, we don’t regret it. Bring us a hot delicious plate of food, Mr. Rabbit.


2.) State Street:

Obviously we won’t get to do our annual couch-torching this year over on our very own State Street because our Men’s Basketball team lost to Indiana last week. We’re still pissed about it, so don’t bring it up. However, the Women’s team seems to be doing well…any chance we can celebrate their wins? Only time will tell, Bunny.


1.) Free Stuff:

As students, we’re 100% down for free stuff all the time. We honestly don’t even care what it is. Pens? Sure. Shirts? Hell yeah. Cups? Could always use another beer pong cup. We love it all, and we’d especially love to wake up Easter morning to a little basket full of plastic grass and free stuff. And if you really want to get into the spirit, Easter bunny, you could even put the free stuff in little plastic eggs.


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