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9 Places to Shotgun a Beer on UK’s Campus

Do you love getting drunk? Yeah, duh. Love going places that could potentially get you into a serious amount of trouble? Of course, what kind of questions are these? Love getting drunk in places that would definitely get you into a lot of trouble? Well we’ve compiled this list of the best places to shotgun a beer at UK to help you do just that.

9.) Willy T:
Do you have a thirst for knowledge? Or are you thirsty trying to gain knowledge? Either way, if you are able to shotgun a beer here everyone around you will react in some way. Half the people will be pissed you are interrupting their studying and the other half will personally thank you for interrupting their studying.

8.) Science Library:
If you’re going to shotgun a beer, chances are you are going to do it in Willy T, but we can’t forget about the other libraries. A real legend would be born about the time the guy shot gunned a beer in the library and no one was around to see it.

7.) President Capiluto’s House:
The second most beautiful part of campus (behind sorority row as girls are walking to meeting). I can see the Instagram picture of you doing it with Cap waving in the background.

6.) Top Floor of POT:
Has anybody ever been to the top floor of Patterson Office Tower? Does anybody know how many floors there are in it? Can we even be sure that there is a top floor or could it go on forever?

5.) Commonwealth Stadium:
You have two opportunities to do this: either during a game or not. If you can get a beer into the stadium during a game, it might actually be beneficial to shotgun. By halftime you start to sober up, you get cold, your feet hurt and you’re ready to go home but you can’t because the team needs you. A quick shotgun could put you right back in the inebriated state you need.

4.) Any Sorority Girl’s Bedroom:
The highest risk, highest reward location on the list. If you are able to pull this off you will get the combination of satisfaction from being one beer drunker, sneaking into the restricted zone of the bedroom of a sorority house, and probably getting laid.

3.) A Whitehall 106 Lecture:
One of the most popular classrooms on campus. We recommend doing it this kind of like Professor Quirrell when he warned Hogwarts about the troll in the dungeon.

2.) Bowman’s Den:
There’s always more freshmen than not packed away in Bowman’s. These kids probably don’t even know what shotgunning a beer is. If you do it here, you will be leave a bunch of 18-year olds in awe.

1.) The Wildcat Coal Lodge:
A place that for most students is inaccessible. However, if you are able to get into this building, it only seems right that you immediately test your luck and shotgun a beer right there in the lobby.

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