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University of Kentucky’s Chug It List


Fellow Wildcats, finals week will soon be here, and more importantly to the Class of 2016, graduation! Oh what a glorious time it is, especially for us to reflect on what we have been spending the past 4+ years of our lives doing. You graduates may feel some regret for not having accomplished as much as you had hoped, or perhaps felt as though you may have missed out on some of the more social aspects of college. Well fear not, for we at The Black Sheep have compiled our very own “Chug It List” consisting of the must-do drinking traditions of Lexington.


Goldfish Racing While Drinking Fishbowls at Two Keys:




We’ve all heard about the most ratchet experience Lex has to offer on Punch-Out Thursdays, but on Tuesdays, Two Keys can be a different story. How many places can you go where you can say you raced goldfish while drinking copious amounts of alcohol? One of the reasons we will miss college. Not to mention that for $14 the fishbowls full of liquor and deliciousness keep the party going even after losing the race or your goldfish dying in the middle of the track.


Thursday Night Live at the Pavilion:

While still a UK tradition, this one will help ease you into the transitional process from college student to full-grown adult, considering at least half of the crowd is a bunch of drunken middle aged people coming to forget their adult problems like careers and mortgages. Don’t worry, soon you will understand their woes, so joining them and learning how to drink like them will help you in the long run.  

Friday All-day Drinking at Keeneland:




With the beautiful weather comes the great sport of horse racing in the horse capital of the world. It’s almost comical how professors expect seniors to attend class on Fridays once Keeneland season begins. There’s nothing like blowing all your money on bets and overpriced alcohol (specifically mint juleps because you’re classy). What makes this day just a little sweeter is the class skipping, so get on that while you’re still a student!


Tin Roof Beer Pong and Bacardi Buckets:




Another Tuesday student tradition is the good ol’ beer pong tourneys at Tin Roof. Order a few $10 Bacardi buckets and you’re guaranteed to have a great night. The souvenir bucket also comes in handy for post-grad adult things like potting a plant or holding your graduate school rejection letters!


End a Night of Binge Drinking on Limestone by Losing Your Ho Virginity:

We have a hard time believing you have kept your Ho cherry if you’re a senior at UK. But if you managed to abstain from Tolly Ho for so long, be sure to make the night special by getting completely shit-faced on Limestone before heading over. Only college kids go to the bars on that street, so make the most of it while you are one!


Once you have completed this list, you will be ready to take on the responsibilities of adulthood. Congratulations alum!


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