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Differences Between UK In-State Students and Out-of-State Students

It’s pretty easy to tell which are UK in-state students and which are from out of state. In-state students usually wear Kentucky gear 24/7 because we just love our basketball. Out-of-state students dress nicer and have more style rather than a country, jeans and boots outfit. Here are some clues to help you see the differences.

4.) The Weather:


In-state: These guys understand the weather. They’ve had to deal with winters going from super warm to a 6-foot blizzard, all within the course of four days. They never pack away the summer clothes because one day it can be 40 and the next day it can be 80. And they shut down public schools if it snows one inch. #remembersnowmageddon2K15

Out-of-state: These people always compare their home state’s weather to Kentucky’s, saying that it gets hotter wherever they are or up north, colder. Last winter, you could tell exactly who was from Chicago, because they kept bitching about how the snow was NOTHING! They would compare every little detail about Kentucky’s weather to Chicago’s weather. When we got all of that snow, they acted like it was an inch and said Chicago gets that every day. Sure. Bye.

3.) The Accent:Yall

In-state: All of them sound the same. Equipped with this southern drawn out, yet still proper accent. People from Eastern Kentucky sound a little more country then those in Lexington and Louisville, but to an out-of-state student, they all sound the same. They also refer to a group of people as y’all. Not “you guys” or “you all”. It’s y’all. Get it right!

Out-of-state: They come from all over the country and even the world. You have those from Chicago (or rather those from the suburbs but claim to be from Chicago), from Ohio (Cleveland or Cincy), and Indiana (some small ass town filled with corn). They talk real proper and mock the in-state when they say slang words like y’all, young’uns, or kinfolk. Believe us, the four years you go here, it’ll rub off on you.

2.) Sports:

In-state: They live, love and breathe Kentucky basketball. They’ve been watching Kentucky basketball since they were infants. As they grew older, the in-staters watched their families scream at TV’s because either UK won the National Championship or UK beat Louisville. For football, they couldn’t care less (well, except about the tailgating). They also love our horse racing. Lexington is the horse capital of the world and Kentucky people are real proud of Keeneland and the Kentucky Derby.

Out-of-state: Students that come to Kentucky will NEVER understand the passion Kentucky people have for basketball. They also have no idea about horse racing (‘aka’ getting drunk), watching a bunch of horses go around a track and losing all of your money in one day.

1.) Food:


In-state: They appreciate southern-home cooked meals and are used to meals such as fried chicken, green beans, corn-on-the cob, mashed potatoes and gravy, homemade biscuits, and fried pork chops. There is always SWEET tea on the table; un-sweet tea is for the birds. Needless to say, that’s why Kentucky as a whole is pretty much overweight and always on the risk of heart attacks and diabetes. #worthit

Out-of-state: Those who are from above the Mason-Dixon line eat way better. They’re “vegan” or “vegetarian.” They have never had authentic fried chicken, just the greasy-ass KFC attempt at it. Go to a “mom and pop” restaurant and taste real southern food and you’ll definitely look at food differently!


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