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Groundhog Predicts UK Championship Only 9 Weeks Away


In light of the series of events that take place on Groundhog Day, here in Lexington we have our own Groundhog who either does or does not see his shadow. If he sees his shadow, Kentucky will not win the championship this year, and if he does not see his shadow, Kentucky will win the Championship. Well this year, folks, he didn’t see his shadow.


Taking place on UK’s campus, specifically in the grassy area between Whitehall and the Engineering Complex, UK students and staff gathered around to watch our very own Punxsutawney Phil as he stood and, to our surprise, did not see his shadow.


Junior Rachel Smith, was more than just excited to witness the tradition. “I can’t believe it, out of my three years here I finally got to see the UK Groundhog Day celebration! I’m so excited! Every other year, I couldn’t come because I had class. Finally!!!” When we asked her about her favorite part of the ceremony, she told us, “The whole thing! From the time President Capilouto walked up and all the students began to crowd. I had to get in the front! Then, when he released the groundhog, I got a snapchat of him with the dog filter when he stood up! SO cute!!!”


Many students were excited. After the groundhog did not see his shadow, everyone started in a celebratory “C-A-T-S” chant! But students weren’t the only ones there, along with them was the UK Men’s basketball team. They come every year as a tradition to see if they have what it takes, or if they should just give up now. This year, they gave the little groundhog a fist bump and were heard saying things like “Cash us in March, how bout dat?” and, “Louisville sucks.”


The last time the groundhog did not see his shadow was in 2012. Let’s hope we can add another championship title this year, we hope Phil didn’t let us down.


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