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An Open Letter to A**holes Who Sell UK Basketball Tickets for Profit



Dear people who sell UK basketball tickets for much higher than they paid,


We see right through your deceitfulness. We know you only paid $5 for that ticket… why are you selling it for $30 “obo?” Don’t you understand that we are students too? Of course, we would like to attend a game to cheer on our Cats. We’re from Kentucky, it’s what we do. After all, is it not all the same blue blood that we all collectively bleed? It sure doesn’t seem that way when you sell a ticket for a 400% profit.


How are we going to take those Instagram worthy selfies with the legendary Rupp court in the background? How are we going to get all those likes? Exactly. We won’t, because assholes like you exist, too worried about making money for beer or Spring Break, instead of allowing all students the right to watch the Cats play without burning a hole in our pockets.


And when it’s a sold out game? UK students with a surplus of tickets are like scalpers on steroids. We’ve actually seen tickets for upper level sections being sold for $100. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH PEOPLE! You take the fun out of going to games and monopolize the market. That’s perfectly fine to do to other people, but being a college student, you first hand know the struggles we face on the daily. Not being able to afford laundry detergent, gas, or even dinner. So once we gather enough change to be able to afford to attend a basketball game, we find out that the tickets are selling for triple what you paid? It is absurd!


End the madness! Think about it before you sell your ticket on Facebook next time. Think of it as the Golden Rule of ticket resale: Sell to others for a price you’d like to be sold to you.





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