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Top 10 UK Nap Spots on Campus

Whether you were up all night watching Netflix or you’re too lazy to walk back to your dorm, sometimes you’re stuck on campus and dying for a nap. The Black Sheep has worked to put together a list of the best places to sneak a snooze on campus!

10.) Grab a table at White Hall:IMG_0386There are lots of tables scattered around the building purely for your slumbering use! The sleek designs are not only practical, they’re super comfortable. But really, why limit yourself to just White Hall? There are tables all over campus! Nothing says, “I’ve got my shit together” more than taking a nap on one of these bad boys.

9.) Outside the doorway of Gatton:IMG_0396What better way to get in the groove than to set up camp right in front of the doors?! Every time someone opens the door they won’t be thinking, “What the fuck are you doing?” Instead, they’ll be thinking, “Damn, why didn’t I think of that?!”

8.) Under a water fountain:IMG_0397Who doesn’t enjoy the sound of running water when trying to catch some Z’s? Not only will the lulls of trickling water put you to sleep, you might even catch a cooling splash or two! It’s the perfect way to relax and refresh between classes.

7.) The last stall:IMG_0389A bathroom stall offers privacy and easy access to a toilet should you have to take a load off mid-nap. Plus, you have the soothing sound of people doin’ their business, what could be better? Let one of the sinks run throughout your nap for even more ambiance. Our favorite bathroom to snooze would be the last stall on the second floor of White Hall.

6.) Patterson’s lap:IMG_0392Is there any better way to nap like a true wildcat than by snuggling onto the lap of Patterson? We didn’t think so. He may come off as a bit cold, but he always has a welcoming look on his face!

5.) A construction zone:IMG_0399

If it’s not the trickles of water that put you to sleep, it’s probably the sounds of heavy machinery. There’s nothing more comfy and relaxing than curling up against a big ole’ tire and listening to the pounding of hammers in the distance.

4.) Behind the blinds:IMG_0388

For the napper that loves a view, sneaking behind the blinds might be for you! This spot is a great way to daydream about the outdoors but stay nice and toasty once it gets cold. Don’t worry about a class walking in on you; even if they did they definitely wouldn’t notice you!

3.) On a freshly painted bench:

IMG_0390Looking for a spot where nobody else will bother you? Freshly painted benches are the way to go. Once everyone gets a look at your WET PAINT sign, they’ll be sure to keep walking!

2.) The elevator in POT:IMG_0394Everyone knows that the elevators in POT never come to a standstill! In order to get some solid napping in, you should definitely look into the rocking nature of the POT elevators. Not only will the motion sickness put you out, the heat from all those bodies in there will keep you nice and toasty!

1.) President Capilouto’s pond:IMG_0401If you’re a big nature buff, check out Capilouto’s pond for your next napping excursion. This place really hits the nail on the head. You get the sound of trickling water, the coldness of Patterson’s lap, and the humming of drills from nearby construction!

The next time you’re looking to catch some Z’s between classes, give these spots a shot and you wont regret it.


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