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Top 10 Easiest Classes at UK


Well, Big Blue Nation, midterms are done and, along with them, half of the Class of 2019’s pre-med/engineering majors. Now that we’ve all come to terms with the fact that math is hard and have considered dropping out to become a stripper/sailor/comic book salesman more than a few times, let’s look at lightening up the course load for next semester. That GPA isn’t going to raise itself, so here’s a helpful list of the top ten easiest classes at UK.


10.) PHI 100 – Intro to Philosophy: Knowledge and Reality:

Not going to lie, we pretty much only put this up because it’s a philosophy class and that’s the natural choice when looking for something easy. Everyone hates philosophy majors, right? Get ready for an introductory course in asking rhetorical questions and talking about feelings. Friendly reminder that Aristotle got almost everything he predicted about science terribly, terribly wrong.


9.) JOU 101 – Intro to Journalism:

We once knew of a journalism major. He was an RA and we assumed he didn’t learn much because he was constantly trying to bust the floor. If you spend your time trying to catch the frat boy doing coke in the lobby every Thursday, your classes are probably pretty easy and you’re going to be an awful journalist.


8.) PS 101 – American Government:

Judging solely on Yik Yak, it would seem half the student body here has a PH.D in political science so this should be child’s play. Y’all talk about Kim Davis enough. Not true? Why are we not surprised?


7.) [Insert Art Class]:

Grab a brush and light up a bowl of dank kush, BBN. Unleash your creative vision while doing next to almost nothing. We can already feel the stampede of stoners from the Kirwan-Blanding complex to POT to meet with their advisors.


6.) ENS 202 – Environment and Sustainability Studies I: Nature, Science, and Policy:

Nothing like a good, down to earth, nature class. You can look forward to living amongst campus squirrels, eating your weight in granola, and listening to a professor who went to Woodstock play the ukulele. We’re actually jealous.


5.) B&E 103 –  Microsoft Office: PowerPoint:

Business is like philosophy in that we’re honor bound to berate it as a STEM major. This class teaches you to use powerpoint. Need we say more?


4.) COM 101 – Intro to Communications:

Communications is like business. Get ready for more free time than you can deal with. Being a communications major is kind of like being in preschool but more nap time and fewer juice boxes. Could be wrong on the latter. Make that vodka.


3.) TAD 140 – Intro to Dance:

A good dance class never hurts. Some of the classy ladies we’ve met at rush parties could probably add a few moves to their repertoire of grinding while drunk.


2.) ESL 100 – Listening For Academic Purposes:

OK, this class is actually meant for foreign students who aren’t native English speakers. But, if you lie like you are running for office, you might be able to become an inspiring German immigrant who learned English by reading Cosmopolitan magazine. Besides, college kids could always use a listening class, maybe it’ll help with your next relationship.


1.) Dressing Like a Tool 101:

What do you mean this isn’t an actual class here? OK, you’ve got us there. With all these guys running around in backwards flat bills and their high school Letterman jackets you can’t really blame us for including this. It’s an honest mistake. Either way, some of y’all could ace that. Yes, you with the UK athletic gear who we have yet to see in the gym, we have found your calling. Lets get a professor for this one and watch the cumulative GPA on this campus skyrocket.


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