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Top 10: Easy UK Mixed Drinks for the Broke and Clueless

When the Jungle Juice starts looking a little shoddy, what do you do? (Pro tip: drunken urination happens in the worst places. That’s not lemonade.) You could spend $10 on a single mixed drink, or you could whip up your own. Yes, even with your lack of equipment and limited skills, you can make a nice boozy treat. These easy UK mixed drinks take no muddling, no shaker, and no previous knowledge. 

10.) Rum and Coke:
The simple rum and Coke is a classic for a reason. Coke can mask the flavor of even some of the worst, gut-rot bottom shelf liquor.  Kick it up a notch: Add a lime and now it’s a fancy-sounding Cuba libre.

9.) Hemingway’s Lemonade:
Ernest Hemingway, as in the guy you are probably supposed to be reading about right now. Maybe you can spice up that dusty literature with this whiskey and lemonade mix.

8.) Moscow Mule:
Vodka, ginger ale, and limes work together to make this light, fizzy drink. Throw the lime wedge in whole – no need to squeeze – no one gives a damn about garnishes when they’re drunk. 

7.) Horse’s Neck:
This drink is made for Kentucky! Not only does it have an equine name, it uses Kentucky bourbon and Ale-8. We can drink to that. 

6.) Screwdriver:
Orange juice masks the vodka burn, while allowing us to look like we are being health-conscious by sipping juice in the early afternoon. Kick it up a notch: Use whipped cream-flavored vodka for a creamsicle-flavored treat.

5.) Slip-N-Slide:
Cherry vodka and limeade tastes like summer in a cup. The tart lime and warm cherry will make you want to knock 10 of these bad boys back before noon and make a white trash Slip-N-Slide out of garbage bags and Crisco.  

4.) Tequila Sunrise:
Another three-ingredient drink, but it’s oh-so worth it. Ditch the red Solo cup because you’re going to want to see the pretty colors in this one. Layer tequila, orange juice and grenadine in a glass and take a moment of silence for the beauty before you down the glass and up your BAC. 

3.) Greyhound:
Another simple one, but lots of people love this mix of sweet and tart. This gin and grapefruit juice drink is a little mouth-puckering, so if you are into drinks that taste like diabetes, this isn’t for you. Kick it up a notch: A salted rim transforms this into a salty dog.  

2.) Cape Cod:
Another classic, and a favorite of suburban moms everywhere. Cranberry juice and vodka is all it takes to make this simple classic. Kick it up a notch: Add an ounce (or two, no judgment) of peach schnapps for what’s formally known as a woo-woo. 

1.) Pineapple Upside-Down Cake:
We have yet to meet a person who hasn’t loved this. It has three ingredients, but they all can be found on the cheap. You start out with cake-flavored vodka and add pineapple juice. Take a quick drizzle of grenadine around the top of the glass and voila, sweet, sweet boozy perfection.


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