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Top 10 Places to Cry at UK Even Though It’s Only Week 2


With the new semester just picking up, things are starting to get stressful for many wildcats. Juggling work, school, and extra curricular activities sometimes just makes us want to cry. We don’t want to be Yik Yaked about, however, so here’s The Black Sheep’s top 10 places to cry in secrecy here at UK.


10.) Whitehall Bathroom Stall:
Picture yourself as a Moaning Myrtle at none other than the bathroom stall of Whitehall. Since there’s a million stalls in each bathroom so tightly compacted with students in there constantly all day, the noise of the shuffle of feet and consistent toilet flushing will be more than enough to mask the sound of your tears.


9.) Study Room at Willy T:
Want a private venue to be able to let the water works flow? Head over to the Willy T Library and ask for a study room. Once you’re in, the door locks, and if you’re lucky, you’ll get a room towards the back where nobody will be a passerby to your mild meltdown.


8.) Between the 5th Floor Book Shelves at Willy T:
After allowing a good 20 minutes to let it all out in the study room, head up to the 5th floor and get in between some movable book shelves up there that haven’t had eyes on them in decades. Feel free to sniffle and whimper here, quietly, or someone might tell you to shut up.


7.) The Basement of POT:
Underneath POT, there’s a dark alleyway that connects to the basement of Whitehall. This is the PERFECT place to sob! Nobody really even knows about this location so the fear of being found is nearly absent. Woo hoo!


6.) Outside the Financial Aid Office in Funkhouser:
This is an ideal place to cry because it’s such a horrible place that already causes so much distress, you’ll blend right in! Chances are, you’ll come across another lonely soul also sporting that ugly crying face and maybe you’ll make a friend.


5) In The Kirwan-Blanding Complex:
The now abandoned shipwreck that once held the most students on campus is a great spot to let out some after class tears. Nobody roams the now empty courtyards once filled so plentifully with enos and freshmen smoking blunts. Have a seat on a rusty bench and let your emotions run wild.


4.) K Lot:
The seventh circle of hell, also known as K Lot, is a really fantastic place to go to cry. Weave in and out of the endless isles of parked cars, bring a pack of tissues, and go at it. If you’re seen crying, it won’t be the weirdest thing ever seen in K Lot so don’t worry. Just pretend your car is lost in the sea of endless parked cars!


3.) The Top of Memorial Hall:
Memorial Hall is a special place to cry, because you can cry in style. Quietly and discreetly sneak into a class and go up to the upstairs seats of Memorial. Usually this annoys the professor as an added bonus. As you bat those wet, swollen eyes, glance up at the beautiful chandeliers and crown molding Memorial Hall has to offer.


2.) Behind The Stairs in Whitehall:
In Whitehall, some stairwells offer a secret crying spot behind them. After class, just walk back there and set up camp for your weepy Wednesday. The echo of Bean boots walking up the stairs and conversations about this weekend will surely camouflage your despairing cries.


1.) Literally Anywhere:
Now that we come to think of it, college sucks and can be really stressful for everyone. Feel free letting those tears roll free anywhere on campus, and your fellow wildcats will not even judge you. Just remember to breathe and to have a little fun between all the stress!


Are you wishing you changed your mind about location yet?


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