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Top 10 UK Bathrooms for a Peaceful Poop

When it comes to pooping, Dorothy said it best, “There’s no place like home!” And while that’s very true, we can’t always stop the urge to drop our daily deuce in public. To help you out, we at The Black Sheep have put together a list of the top 10 UK bathrooms to help you poop in peace while you’re out on campus.

10.) Memorial Hall:


Memorial Hall’s bathrooms are located downstairs, away from packed classes, making them a great option for pooping in public. They see less and less traffic as the day goes on, which is most convenient for days you’re on that side of campus or in Memorial Hall later in the afternoon. The overall aesthetic of these bathrooms could be improved, but they do the job and the blue stalls are a nice touch!

9.) UK Science Library:


The UK Science Library bathrooms are bland and prison-esque, but they see less traffic as the day goes on. They see even less traffic after the Subway located in the same building closed. These would be great bathrooms to use if you don’t want to be rushed or worry about whether someone will catch your disturbing bowel movement.

8.) Enoch Grehan Journalism Building:


Inside these bathrooms, comfy seating (like this couch in the second floor bathroom) and spacious stalls can be found. These bathrooms see more regular traffic, but if you’re worried someone may notice where that awful smell is coming from just put your feet on the back of the bathroom door.This technique is known as “Ghost Pooping” and you can drop a deuce without anyone recognizing your shoes.

7.) Kastle Hall:


The bathrooms of Kastle Hall have nice, natural lighting and seating areas. The stalls are spacious enough that you won’t struggle with your backpack and the dividing wall will keep those waiting around in the bathroom far enough away from you that they’ll be completely out of the loop about who had to poop.

6.) Willy T. Young Library:


Most students find themselves at Willy T. Library at some point, whether it be once a month, week, or day. As a result, using the bathroom here becomes more and more comfortable as you trick yourself into thinking you’re at home.

5.) K-Lair:


K-Lair’s bathrooms transition to a more modern aesthetic with their lighting and gray color schemes. Perfect for pooping early in the afternoon.

4.) Common Grounds:


Common Grounds bathrooms are chic with their color schemes, lighting, and UK Blue countertop. The bathrooms are clean and usually smell pleasant, though we’re sure they won’t once you’re done with them.

3.) Taco Bell:


Many people aren’t aware that the campus Taco Bell has a bathroom because it’s tucked around the corner by the drink station. The bathroom is a spacious, dimly lit one-holer making it perfect for pooping in public. Unless someone is waiting outside to use it after you leave. But it’s worth the risk because the toilet paper is slightly thicker than toilet paper across the rest of campus!

2.) Fresh Food Company:


Fresh Food Company is also home to a well-lit, spacious one-holer labeled as a family restroom located on the wall opposite of the rest of bathrooms. Regardless of how busy the dining hall is, you’re bound to have a peaceful poop in here. And you can take your time because there are plenty of other bathrooms still available in the building.

1.) Main Building:


Public bathroom goals! When you enter the doorway to the bathrooms in the main building, you step into a short hallway that leads to the door to the actual bathroom. The faux wood stalls are beautiful, spacious, and always clean because so many potential wildcats and their parents come through this building when they arrive for tours of the campus. The doors go all the way down to the floor, so no one will recognize the shoes responsible for the smell. 

Good luck to you and your bowel movements from The Black Sheep! We hope this list of bathrooms will help you decide where to do your business in public!


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