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Top 10 UK Gifts for Valentine’s Day When You’re Ballin’ on A Budget



Valentine’s day is coming up. As a college student, you probably will procrastinate until the very last moment to get a gift! The day before Valentine’s Day will be stressful to run out to the store and buy a gift, and truth is you probably don’t have a lot of dough to throw at a gift for your tinder hookup anyways. Here is a list of 10 gifts from UK you can put together last minute for your bae this Valentine’s day, that won’t cost much at all… other than your dignity.


10.) Food From the Wildcat Pantry:
What are you gonna do with all that flex money anyways? Flex on your boo with a seemingly endless supply of Cheetos and Pizza Rolls. Nothing says “I Love You” like sticky orange fingers and frost-burnt Pizza Rolls.


9.) A Ride to Class:
Surprise your significant other with a ride to class this V-Day! Show them how much you care by picking them up and dropping them off at their wretched 9 a.m. Don’t have a car? No problem, escort them to the LexTran! Make sure you show that UK ID thought so you get it free.


8.) Pizza from Fresh Food Company:
Use a meal swipe and grab a to go box. Head into Fresh Food Co. and wait until they pull a whole pizza out of the oven. When they finally do, strategically put every piece in your to-go box. Bring home a whole pizza for your sugar pie honey bunch! Make that Netflix and Chill night cost exactly $0


7.) Basketball Tickets:
They might not be good tickets or for good games, but it’s worth a shot. Hopefully she won’t know that they only cost $5. But if she does, just distract her by telling her you love her. She won’t care after that!


6.) Do Their Homework:
Offer to complete your baby’s homework for them. Who cares if they’re chemical engineering majors, just try your hardest and show them how much you care. It’s the thought that counts anyways.


5.) Go to Class For Them:
Sacrifice your day of sleeping in for your boo thang by taking their clicker and going to class for them. Let them have a morning of sleeping in and you can head over to Gatton at 8 a.m. for accounting. Maybe you’ll learn a thing or two on how not to be a broke piece of crap.



4.) Bug Your Older Friends to Buy You Booze:
Bug your older pals to take you on a Shenanigans run for some cheap and shitty Champagne. Nothing will be more romantic than popping some bubbly for your boo! Make a date out of it. Just make sure you’re not too loud so you won’t get busted by the RA’s!


3.) Fold Their Laundry for Them:
A small gesture that would probably go a long way. We all know that college kids don’t fold laundry, so switch things up for a change! Surprise them with your nifty ways and, if you want to really show them how much you care, make your bed too!


2.) A Collection of Free T-Shirts:
Give them your collection of free t-shirts you’ve been gathering from UK! Football games, events on campus, it doesn’t matter, just hand them over! Give them all of your free t-shirts and tell them you want them to have a piece of you.


1.) Buy Gifts from The Bookstore with Your Residual:
Who needs a residual anyways? Buy them some cool UK gear to sport that you bought with that residual. Who cares about minimizing those student loans anyways? Not you, that’s for sure!


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