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9 Places in Lexington that are Definitely More Fun Than Class


Sometimes, school gets us down. Whether we like to admit it or not, we skip class. Sometimes we can’t muster all we’ve got to go sit for an hour lecture about a class we only took because it’s required. Here at The Black Sheep, we’ve gathered a list of UK Students’ top 9 places to blow off class to go.


9.) The Local Taco:
Are your friends bugging you to skip that disgusting 4 p.m. class that was only offered in one section, to go get food with them? DO IT! Skip that entry level geology class and go get yourself a couple of Korean Barbecue tacos and a margarita… you earned it.


8.) Keeneland:
Once Keeneland opens up in April, nobody will be in class on Fridays. Instead, we’ll spend it starting our weekend early with some horse racing bets and overpriced beers. Either way, we like this option better than going to class!


7.) The Bars:
This one you won’t be skipping to go to class, per se, but you will be skipping in the morning when you’re hungover AF from one too many fishbowls at Two-Keys. Stay in bed and catch a couple extra Z’s- that History lecture can wait.


6.) The Mall:
Want to spend a couple hours wasting time and accomplishing absolutely nothing? Well instead of going to class, round a couple of buddies up and go to the mall! Walk around and look at all the nice things you wish you could afford to buy.


5.) The JC:
Start getting that Spring Break bod in shape! Forget class, what’s more important, brains or brawn? That’s right… Blow off that noon lecture to go to the JC and run on the treadmill for an hour. Truthfully, it would probably be less miserable than going to that English class.


4.) Euclid Kroger:
What better time to do grocery shopping than during class? Practice being a soccer mom one day and go to the grocery store during the day. You’ll fit right in!


3.) The Bookstore:
It’s officially the fourth week of classes, but you still don’t have your book? Go to the bookstore during class time. Let your professor know that you have a busy schedule and can only go during their class. They’ll appreciate your effort to get the textbook and honesty.


2.) Willy T:
Sometimes we gotta skip class… to go study or do homework for another class! So skip that 1 credit KHP Volleyball class to study for your Chem exam at none other than the Willy T Library. Chances are, the Chem exam is worth more to your GPA, anyways.


1.) Back to Bed:
When the alarm goes off for that stupid 8 a.m. that doesn’t even take attendance, the decision should be easy. Just turn it off and go back to bed! You’ll thank yourself later.


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