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5 Reasons UK Parking is Pure Hell

It’s safe to say that most Kentucky students love going to UK. We all own at least one piece of UK blue clothing and more than enough free SAB plastic cups to last us a lifetime. However, our love can only carry us so far when it comes to parking because let’s be honest, our school’s shitty parking is pure Hell and here’s why:

5.) K Lot:
K Lot is comparable to a black asphalt monster that swallows up cars and lost freshman. There’s nothing we love more than trying to find our car in K Lot while Mother Nature throws a torrential hailstorm in our faces right before a shift at an off-campus job. The only thing that makes it better is the twenty-minute walk it takes to even get to K Lot in the first place. K Lot is the end all parking solution that UK has and lets be honest, it sucks.

4.) Location:
For some fortunate souls on campus that own a beloved residential parking permit, location for parking might not be a problem. For 90% of the student body, it’s a huge pain in the rear. There are some commuter lots around campus, but those require commuter-parking permits that are hard to come by, even for older UK students. Unless you want to pay $5 a day in a LexPark spot or you somehow own an employee parking permit, chances are you’ll end up in K Lot where you’re still a mile away from your classes.

3.) It’s expensive:
Parking tags run around $250 a piece for a year-long pass. EKU parking tags cost $60. Come on now BBN, do we really need to pay the extra $190 to park our cars a mile from where our classes are? Not to mention that these passes become available over the summer when most college students are at our poorest. Stipends don’t come in until school starts, and we don’t know many college students with an extra $250 laying around when summer rent is due.

2.) UK’s “alternatives”:
Something that UK did to help alleviate the issue of parking being so far away from campus was a pairing with the LexTran buses that students can now ride for free. However, the bus from K Lot to the steps has been a thing for years, so we all already know how wonderful that really is… After witnessing a student try to flag down a bus while the driver laughed at him before speeding off, not so sure that these alternatives are really all that helpful.

1.) Tickets:
Probably the worst part of UK parking is when you get a ticket. Don’t worry though, it’s more like a rite of passage than anything else to get a ticket on UK’s campus. While the soul-sucking dementors of LexPark scoot the streets on their stand-up tricycles, students try their best to steer clear of employee lots when they hear the wheels approaching.

Though UK has a lot of great attributes, the parking situation is not one of them. If you’re trying to park you better buckle up because honestly, welcome to Hell.

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