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Top 10 Lexington Eateries For UK Students on a Budget

Many of us have a hard time getting enough money together to do laundry, let alone eat dinner. So we have compiled a list of ten places, right here in Lexington (close to campus), that are open late and give you the most bang for your buck!

10.) Qdoba:
Open M – W until 2 a.m., Th – Sat until 4:30 a.m., and Sunday until 11 p.m.



Craving that delicious burrito bowl but don’t have $8 to your name to spend on one? Grab yourself a kids’ meal! At Qdoba, you can order a kids’ meal with a small burrito bowl, chips, and a drink for only $4.00!  

9.) Cookout:
Open everyday until 3 a.m., 4 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights



At cookout, you can create nearly endless combinations of a cookout tray, consisting of one main entrée with two sides and a drink for only $4.99. You can find both drive thru lines backed up around the store on any Friday or Saturday night because of how popular they are! Good food at a good price, what’s not to love!?

8.) Mad Mushroom Pizza:
Open M – W until 2 a.m., Th – Sat until 3 a.m., and Sunday until 1 a.m.


Mad Mushroom, often referred to as “Mad Mush” is perfect for those late nights spent studying. They are most known for their delicious cheesestix, where you can get a small for only $6. The portion is a good size too. On Monday’s, Mad Mushroom does a $4.99 cheese pizza deal! That’s hard to beat!

7.) Buffalo Wild Wings:
Open until 1 a.m., 12 a.m. on Sunday


Every once in a while you get a craving for wings, but they can get expensive! At BW3’s, however, you can go on a Tuesday night for .65 cent traditional wings, or on a Thursday night for .65 boneless wings!

6.) Jimmy John’s:
Open every day until 3 a.m.


Do you ever find yourself starving for a good sub sandwich late at night? Well Jimmy John’s has got you covered! They have a variety of 8” sub sandwiches with customizable toppings for only $4.99. Even better, they’ll deliver one to you “freaky fast!”

5.) Goodfella’s Pizza:
Open everyday until 3 a.m.


$3.20 might seem expensive for a slice of cheese pizza, but when it comes to Goodfella’s you definitely get your money’s worth. The slice of pizza is literally the size of your head. If you want pepperoni, you’re looking at spending $3.70 for a greasy delicious enormous pizza feast. You can also pair a big breadstick that measures at more than a foot with a dipping sauce for $2.95!

4.) The Local Taco:
Open M – Th until 10 p.m., Fri – Sat until 12 a.m., and Sunday until 9 p.m.


Craving a cheap gourmet taco? For only $3, you can head on over to The Local Taco where you can choose from 10 different delicious tacos. With this many options, you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for you!

3.) Tolly Ho:
Open 24/7


It’s the middle of the night…you’re craving breakfast or a burger and fries. Where can you go? Tolly Ho! Their menu is full of options for $5 and under. You can get yourself a Tolly Ho Burger with Cheese for just $3.49! Pair it with fries for $1.99! Or, you can try some delicious Bacon Cheese Fries for $4.10.

2.) Doughby’s:
Open M – W until 3 a.m., Th – Sat until 4:00 a.m., and Sunday until 2 a.m.


What’s better after a stressful night of studying than a tasty calzone? Check Doughby’s online menu to see a wide array of options of just about any calzone you could ever dream of. Even better, every day they have a calzone of the day for just $5.50!

1.) Sonic:
Open 24/7


Find yourself craving Tater Tots or a Chili Cheese Coney in the wee hours of the night? Sonic’s got you covered. You can get yourself a Chili Cheese Coney combo with Tots and a drink for only $4.79, or you can get a perfect order of Popcorn Chicken for only $4.09! The best part about Sonic are the slushes. For only $1.99, grab yourself a medium slush and head back to Willy T for more studying!

We hope these awesome deals can help you save a couple dollars so you don’t always have to be the friend swearing you’ll pay them back, or that weird upper-classman standing outside the 90 begging freshman for their flex dollars.

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