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5 UK Tailgating Do’s and Don’ts

Football season is upon us, and we have a home game this weekend! There’s nothing like waking up early on a Saturday, putting on your Wildcat gear and drinking warm beer for breakfast. We at The Black Sheep wanted to give you some do’s and don’ts for making your UK tailgating as awesome as you are.

5.) Drinking:
Do: Drink
Don’t: DrownBscAI6yCAAA73P6

Drinking is a well-known activity at tailgating, but don’t let it get the best of you. Try not to drink on an empty stomach and call it quits after you can’t feel your face anymore. Everyone likes a happy, drunk wildcat and everyone hates wasted and passed out in their own vomit wildcat.

4.) Apparel:
Do: Show your Wildcat pride
Don’t: Show us your ass cheeksStudents tailgate at 'the bowl'  prior to the game against the Louisiana Lafayette Ragin' Cajuns at Commonwealth Stadium on Saturday, September 5, 2015 in Lexington, Ky. Photo by Michael Reaves | Staff 

Even with the cold weather coming up, there still seem to be a fair amount of bare legs and ass cheeks at UK tailgating. Come on ladies, just because you wear tall boots with it, doesn’t make it a fall-time dress. This goes for the guys out there too, try to keep your pants up after you throw back a six-pack or two.

3.) Games:
Do: Play tailgating games
Don’t: Be a sore losertailgate1Whether it’s corn-hole or beer pong, go ahead and join in on those tailgating games. Just don’t act like an over-competitive tool when you do it. We know it’s hard for you to not act like a temper-tantrum throwing child when you’re a few drinks in and about 5 cups down, but for the sake of the rest of us, keep your cool.

2.) Cheering:
Do: Cheer for the CATS
Don’t: Cheer for the other guys


This should go without saying, but it always seems like a few wildcats lose their shit before the game and apparently forget what school they’re going to. Don’t be that guy in the UK student section that everyone hates with a burning passion.

1.) Game time:
Do: Get yourself to the game
Don’t: Lose yourself along the way

commonwealth2-1024x682Remember wildcats, it’s a marathon, not a race. Pace yourself with your alcohol, grab your ticket to the game, and try not to lose your ID before kick-off. If you came with friends, stick with them. If you brought your phone with you, hold on to it. Don’t be that person that can’t keep their shit together long enough to tailgate, because we promise you, hot mess isn’t a compliment.

Tailgating is an art and it takes many years of expertise to get it right. So toss your beanbag, throw back your beer, and get learning.  


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