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4 Sure Signs Your UK Professor Is a Bro

No matter how long you’ve been in college, whether it has just been a semester or ten years, everyone has had a professor that makes them think, “This professor is a total bro.” Here at The Black Sheep, we have meticulously scoured college campuses to make a definitive list of how to spot a bro-ed out UK professor. Although being a bro walks a fine line of just being a professor, if you see them doing more than one of these things, then you know for sure that they are indeed the “Brofessor.”

4.) Hawaiian shirts:


Nothing says ‘I’m a tenured professor and don’t give a shit about being professional’ as the classic Hawaiian shirt. Usually this Hawaiian shirt dawning bro will be your PHI 101 teacher. They have totally given up on teaching and don’t care who knows it. Their last research paper was published when Tom Selleck was actually relevant. One of the up sides to this professor is not doing anything in class except talking about the latest HBO drama they are obsessed with. Although this trait is not definitive of being a bro the only way to truly know is if they are also wearing sandals and high top socks as well.

3.) Using slang:16622048

Instead of greeting the class in the usual manner of, “Hello everyone”, they try too hard to be hip by saying something like, “Sup Dawgs?” This professor usually has some kind of take-home exam and is totally willing to change anyone’s grade to passing in hopes that their class thinks they are one of the cool professors. Their lectures usually consist of comparing old English literature to contemporary memes their seven-year-old nephew found while they were babysitting.

2.) Inviting undergrads to their place:


Sometimes a professor makes an announcement in class to invite whoever wants to come to his dinner party. The reason for this is unknown. How do they work? Most of the time only freshman attend such events in hopes there will be free wine. While people over twenty-one asks themselves “Why?” At such events, you can see the professor out of his daily work garb and into something more comfortable but still classy. As the professor begins hitting on his students, he romanticizes about the days when he was in college.

1.) The overly complicated handshake:


Yet another device to keep the ‘Brofessor’ feeling ‘in the mix’. Nothing is more awkward than meeting a professor during their office hours to discuss your grade. Except for when the professor walks you out and you extend your hand for a civilized handshake. Then out of nowhere the professor begins by slapping the front and back of your hand and then usually ending in either finger guns or the classic fist bump. So awkward.

‘Brofessors’ can be found on pretty much any campus, not that we’re complaining. We know we’d much rather be stuck with these crazy cats than a prof you can’t understand or puts you to sleep every day. You do you, ‘Brofessors’! We appreciate you!

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