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5 Reasons Why Fournette Should (and will) Win the Heisman Trophy


Believe the hype. Leonard Fournette, LSU’s phenom sophomore running back, is for real. Breaking records quicker than Kim K. broke the internet, this beast of a back has quickly established himself at the top of many Heisman lists. Aside from his handsome looks and ridiculous stats (1352 yards on 176 carries for an average of 7.7 ypc, and 15 TDs—just sayin’), Fournette continues to crush more defenses than Game of Thrones slaughters characters. Week after week, our No. 7 pummels the Tigers’ opponents to a pulp, yet some haters still shun him as THE frontrunner for the statue. In-your-face statistics and a plethora of forthcoming All-American awards aside, here are five MORE reasons why Leonard Fournette will bring home the coveted bronze come December:


5.)  Dat ass:




Enough said.


4.) Adoring tweets:

Fournette continues to receive social media praise from some of the best in the business. Read em and weep.











3.) He was a badass twelve-year-old:

Okay, so this doesn’t really play into his bid for Heisman. But in case you didn’t know… when he was twelve, a group of parents in New Orleans started a petition to ban Fournette from playing park ball. Because of his massive man-size, they were convinced he was older. Oh, please. If the truth be told, they were probably just sick of bandaging bruised egos… and scrubbing Leonard’s cleat-prints outta their kids’ jerseys.


2.)  It’s about time:

LSU’s football program repeatedly churns out star players into the elite world of the NFL. The list of greats who’ve enjoyed prosperous careers and delighted countless fans in the NFL is way too lengthy to cite here, but you can bet your purple and gold striped beer koozie it’s impressive. Yet from this pool of standouts comes only one former Heisman Trophy winner: Billy Cannon in 1959. Ummm, 56 years is far too long a time to live among such excellent and admirable contenders with no trophy to show for it. Enter Leonard Fournette III. Yum.


1.) He stiffed-armed and sidestepped that bitch Katrina:

Yes, there are some heavy top contenders for Heisman this year which include talent from Florida State, TCU, Ohio State, and Baylor. But how many of these guys lived on a bridge for five days to escape flood water during our nation’s most destructive hurricane to date? None. Fournette overcame the struggle bus and brings positivity onto the field every damn week. Coining the phrase Buga Nation (being united generates altitude), Leo has shown the south that humility and optimism rule over conceit. #BUGANATION #FournetteForHeisman


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