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5 Senior Photo Locations Actually True To Your LSU Experience

Graduation day is right around the corner, tigerseniorkweens, and you know what that means: time to put a comb through your vulnerable, crumbling selves and go take your Senior pics! So while you proudly pose in front of LSU’s gorgeous landmarks in your royal purple collegiate cap and gown, smiling like you didn’t just cry into your books today, we know you’re full of shit and should strictly stick to photo ops in places you’ve actually left your mark upon.

5.) The bathroom stall of Middleton:
Ah, yes, many hours spent crying on the phone to your mom in here. Make sure your smile really captures all those fond memories this place has brought you… all of those beautiful, sleepless nights… the sweet, soothing sounds of the birds and the patrol officer screaming at you to “check-in,” where later, you watched the sunrise through bloodshot eyes, ready to fail your impending exam. Yeah, this one’s gonna sting.

4.) Fred’s Bar & Grill:
Considering you’ve put in more hours here than in actual school, this is a location you cannot skip out on. We suggest you position yourself right on top of the bar, in between the bartenders who have basically been both, friend, teacher, and therapist all 4 + years. Hearts.

3.) Himes Hall:
From the outside, it looks like a sweatshop, the inside, so much worse. There is nothing old people love more than donating to literally any genre of GoFundMes and then bragging about it on Facebook, so make sure you really capture the misery and the struggle this place has brought you through your pictures.
Protip: Get a couples of snapshots in front of the long line of students being herded down into the dungeon of doom like cattle.

2.) Pluckers:
This place makes for more risque photos.Two words: Holy Mac. All over your body.

1.) Chick-fil-A in the Union:
One must pay tribute to the place that saved you countlessly all those game days ago on the Parade grounds, where just half a chicken nugget and a sliver of Chik-fil-A sauce brought you back to life and into Tiger Stadium.

If you haven’t taken your senior pictures yet, it’s not too late! Just throw a gown on over your sweaty self and hire a tiny Freshman to photograph you in front of the hidden gems of LSU, AKA the most respectful of places. Make sure to pay tribute to the places at LSU that really molded you into the respectful and drunken baby you are today.

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