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5 Tips For Surviving Your First T Shirt Night


Welcome to LSU! If you’re new here, there’s no place like Reginald’s Tavern in Tigerland. Every Monday night is known as “T Shirt Night,” where the masses dress down to turn up. It’s a rite of passage for every new student, and it can become a weekly ritual if you T properly. To make the most of your t shirt night, follow these five tips from an expert.


5.) Zany T Shirt:
This is not the night to show off your newest bookstore purchase, or your new top from Blink. No, this is a night for casual, borderline wacky cotton garb. Go for comfort with some New Balance or *vintage* Nike tennis shoes. If you don’t own any hip, lightly used tshirts, try your nearest Good Will, your grandpa’s closet, or your apartment’s dumpster.


4.) Pregame the Pregame:
Doors open at 8, but it’s not popping till 10-11. Start drinking when you wake up and continue through your classes. You can never be drunk enough upon your Tigerland arrival. Chug it, funnel it, get iced, luge it, do a keg stand; no amount is too much. You never know what fresh hell Tigerland, or T, will hand you. Prepare the worst way so your night will end in the best way.


3.) Rally:
After the grinding, groping, and endless free shots, you’re going to hit a wall. You squeeze your way to the bathroom, check your phone, and realize you’ve only been at Reggie’s for 35 minutes. No way you’re giving up this early, kid. Stick your head in the toilet, wipe your mouth off, and rinse your mouth with the watery blue motorcycle on top of the toilet.


2.) Acquire a Mate:
You run from the bathroom as you hear the beginning notes of “15th & The 1st,” and bump into a member of the opposite sex. He or she lights a cigarette and offers one to you. You look into their eyes, take the cigarette in your left hand, and their hand in your right. Soon enough, your tongues are forced together and it feels like you two are the only people in the world.


1.) Call The Dumpster Home:
Before you know it, the lights come on, “Closing Time” plays, and your Reggie’s Soulmate runs off. You’re shuffled out the door by the begrudging bartenders and stumble into the parking lot. The crowd of drunks stumble to the street, calling ubers and waiting on the drunk bus. You look around for your friends, but your vision is so blurred you confuse the nearest dumpster with your trash roommate. Sweet Dreams!


Gas up for tonight, freshmen, it’s a big day. Follow these tips to a T (no pun intended), or create your own crooked path. Have fun, and try to make T Shirt Night great again!




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