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5th Year Physics Major Finally Learns the Difference Between ‘G-Force’ and ‘G-Spot’

After five long years of physics and a lifetime of being sexless, 5th year physics major Ronald Leithberger finally learned the difference between “G-force” and “G-spot”.

Leithberger went home one weekend to visit his parents and 16-year-old brother. While he figured he was in for a treat (mommy’s famous meatballs) he had no idea his teen step-brother, Jared, would teach him more than he had ever dreamed about sex.

“I don’t think Ronald has ever even seen a vagina. Or a boob. I couldn’t stomach watching him go through life anymore like this,” Jared commented.

After showing Ronald a crayon-drawn diagram of female anatomy, Jared felt like he had finally made a positive difference in Ronald’s life that would get him one step closer to finally getting laid.

“I’m not sure how this will affect my day-to-day life, honestly,” Ronald said. “I’m just glad I have a brother like Jared to show me that not every good thing in life comes from Twitch streams.”

When asked to explain what the “g-spot” is and where to find it, Ronald finally seemed to understand that women, in fact, do not have prostates and that the “vagina” is more than just a “dwelling place of the orcs.”

Ronald hopes that the revelation he has come to can help him inform others just like him.

“I convinced Jared to let me take his vagina drawing to class so my fellow physics colleagues can also be enlightened of the ways of the ‘vagine mystique’,” Ronald said.

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