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6 LSU Themed Festival Totems


As #FestivalSzn comes to an end with ACL, that means the end of glittered butt-cheeks, warm vodka, and hours upon hours of sweating your ass off in the sun. Every hardcore festival attendee knows that a totem pole is necessary to locate your friends at a festival, but not everyone knows the best totems to craft that are also LSU-themed. Here they are:


6.) Gameday drunkenness:
A totem with you falling asleep eating a burger is a great way for your friends to recognize you and your disgusting alcohol habits from miles and miles away.


5.) Wheelchair:
What’s a frat tent without a wheelchair as a fun toy and prop? Nothing. The same logic applies to music festivals. Hoist a whole-ass wheelchair atop a broomstick and get to raving.


4.) Natty Light:
Other groups of college kids at festivals may also have beer-themed totems, but only LSU kids will have Natty. We don’t need any of those hipster shit beers like “IPAs”. Just good ole’ fashion Natural Light.



3.) Coach O:
Name one thing you’d rather look up and see during a Chance the Rapper show than that beautiful, round face of Coach O. If you’re feeling extra crafty, add LED lights where his pulsing forehead veins are.


2.) Mike the Tiger:
A light-hearted option, baby Mike VII will serve as a warm light guiding you home to your friends as you make your way back drunkenly from an EDM show.


1.) A Cigarette Sculpture:
Grab the hot glue gun and empty out your ashtrays for this one. Craft a customizable sculpture out of cigarette butts to create the perfect festival totem that screams “CIGS INSIDE!”


With this wisdom, the fate of your friend group is in your hands now. No need for Pinterest, all the DIY tips you need this festival season are up above. Happy crafting, Tigers!




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