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6 Times Shit Hit The Fan In Your LSU Class GroupMe

You know what they say, talk shit get hit. What they don’t tell you though: they’re not kidding. If you don’t want to end up knocked on your ass in the class GroupMe, you might want to skim over the following.

6.) Zero replies:

Nothing compares to feeling like a waste of space when you ask a question and the minutes turn into hours, yet no response from anyone. But, nothing tops when the same question is asked by someone else and their questioned is answered within three seconds by six different people.

5.) Two people conversations:

Honestly, just stop. You’re the reason everyone has the Group on mute. This is Math 1021, why are people even talking in here?

4.) Spamming:

You go to the bathroom and before you can even wipe your ass, you have 60 notifications. Guys, this is just uncalled for and rude. Stop, please. You know who you are.

3.) Late to the game and you’re already out of it:

You were added to a GroupMe two months after it was created, even though half of your friends are in it, but whatever. Guess they just forgot about you. They honestly should have because now you’re on probation for saying absolutely nothing in the chat. Makes sense, makes sense.

2.) Test grades:

There’s nothing worse than failing a test, but what blows more is when everyone responds saying they got A’s. You’re not about to expose your stupidity, so you of course respond with, “Yeah that was child’s play, I got a 102 with the bonus question.”

1.) Eduroam:

Don’t you love it when you’re in the middle of sending of what seems as a life or death text and then Eduroam decides to start personally victimizing you. Bitch.

Before joining a group in GroupMe, please think of the shit that can get thrown into the air. Is it worth it?

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