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8 Sexiest LSU Alumni


Look, it’s no secret that LSU has some of the sexiest motherfuckers you’ll ever encounter. Can’t take two steps in the quad without passing someone you’d throw down for right there in broad daylight. We’ve narrowed down the list of sexy alumni to the 8 hottest Tigers.

8.) Shaquille O’Neal:


Shaq graduated LSU in 1992 and has since shared his beauty all over the world — all 7 feet 1 inch of pure sex. Sometimes they bring him out onto the field at football games just to remind everyone that this is what a true Tiger looks like.

7.) Bill Conti:


Bill Conti is most notable as the composer of the score for the Rocky movies, but the man behind the baton is truly something to behold. That strong hairline, that bird mouth, those piercing eyes — it’s enough to get anyone hot and bothered.

6.) Lolo Jones:


Lori Susan Jones lives in Baton Rouge. She used to jog around the lakes, but was ordered to stop by the BRPD after causing several car accidents and one heart attack. This Iowa native is an Olympic bobsledder. So why choose to live in Louisiana?

“The people here are so friendly,” Lolo told The Black Sheep. “And I love visiting my alma mater. F. King Alexander is wicked hot.”

5.) Mary Landrieu:


Arguably the sexiest senator this country has ever seen, Mary Landrieu was the pinnacle of LSU’s rebrand back in 1977. The campus was overrun by mediocre frat guys and dirty hippies. Mary Landrieu was their last hope. By using her position as chapter president of Delta Gamma, she began an initiative to purge LSU of its ugly students. She is known today as LSU’s Sexy Superwoman.

4.) Odell Beckham Jr.:


Truth is, Odell Beckham wasn’t that great coming into LSU as a scrawny freshman from New Orleans. But Les Miles took one look at that beautiful face and knew he couldn’t let it go to waste. Beckham started his first year and continued to play until he graduated in 2014. The school suffered a serious blow, and LSU is still trying to regain its reputation after losing one of its sexiest students.

3.) Lindsey Pelas:


Lindsey Pelas was the LSU Pornstar before the LSU Pornstar was even a thing. No one really knows what she does for a living. In fact, she’s fallen out of the limelight since her glory days at LSU where everyone knew the name Lindsey Pelas. For obvious reasons.

2.) Anthony McFarland:


Hot damn. This picture speaks for itself..

1.) Andi Dorfman:


You’ll recognize Andi Dorfman as the bachelorette from season ten of — you guessed it — The Bachelorette. There is a shrine dedicated to Dorfman in the Phi Mu house. They make libations before every chapter meeting. 

We’re certain to have left some off, who just didn’t make the cut, but bottom line: if you’re not sexy as shit, then you don’t belong at LSU.

Why are sorority girls so addicted to Pumpkin Spice Lattes? Let’s have a look: 


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